Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Balmy days & Sundays review

The best was saved for last
Ineke - Balmy Days & Sundays
A Green-floral scent for everyday of the week!
Ineke Rühland has travelled around the globe. Raised in Canada, she has worked in France and England and the Netherlands. She has a traditional background - she complete her studies in ISIPCA - France, and today she mixes design, literature and her skills to create beautiful perfumes, in her studio in San Frascisco USA where she creates her own fragrance collection.
Although I have never met her in person, I can assure with 100% chance of succeeding, that Ineke is a very gentle, delicate and easy going person. Because all her fragrances are very delicate, very easy to wear.
When I received her sample collection set I was amazed how she thought of every little detail. The collection comes in a gray & black box. Each fragrance inside this box comes in its personal small box, that has its own letter (from a to F) and name. Each side of the box has a different picture or text. Once you open it, each fragrance is carefully wrapped in a very delicate recycled paper.
You will also find a beautiful brochure with all the fragrances, the inspirations, the notes and the images.
This sample collection is a beautiful idea for a present. I am sure any woman would love to receive one!! I love it very much and all the people I showed to was amazed.
Balmy Days & Sundays is her second fragrance launched in 2006 and it is letter B of her collection. It is described by the perfumer as a green- floral perfume with notes of freesia, leafy green, grass, honeysuckle, rose, mimosa, Chypre Accent and musk.
Well dearest readers, once you've encountered this fragrance, you will have the sensation that you won't want to leave it ever again! It is the smell of something so good that you would hold on to it all your life. So fresh, so delicate, so deliciously relaxing that it feels like walking barefooted in a park, on a wet grass early in the morning.
The opening is very green, with notes of grass and other green plants, but it has a delicate note of freesia. It has a flowery freshness that we get smell only very early in the morning, when the sun starts to warm the plants, and the breeze of the evaporating dew travels with the wind. As the hours pass by the sun gets warmer, and the petals of the flowers heat up, releasing their perfume. Dragonflies and butterflies will dance around the flowers and you will completely forget about the time. Living this dream you will be sent to a cloud of flowers' whiff. Like being in the middle of the garden of the old movie created by Disney "Fantasy".
The notes of honeysuckle, rose and mimosa are also very delicate. You won't find the regular headache trigger that sensitive noses might get from strong pollen-like fragrances. The rose is diluted almost as if it is a rose water scent. Ineke's mimosa is milky and flowery, but subtle.
The idea is not a weak fragrance that after 2 seconds you won't even smell it. Subtle here means light, delicate but with great fixation.
Wearing this perfume feels like I have been touched by an angel. Or as if I am in the presence of an magical being.
It has innocence, kindness and femininity.
It is the smell of the fairies!

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