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Nasomatto - Hindu Grass review

The best was saved for last!
Nasomatto - Hindu Grass - fragrance review
Style and class in one flacon!
Hippie wedding
One could think Hindu Grass is about not taking showers, growing very long hair, dancing naked around the fire, smoking pot while listening to psychedelic music, naming babies moonlight and sunshine, burning incense, painting flowers on a VW and all that hippie - Woodstock - flower power stuff kind of perfume. It might lead you to think of a strong sandalwood, patchouli, marijuana, cheap jasmine kind of fragrance. Dirty and mysterious.
Well, guess again!
Nasomatto's perfumes are close to the skin, discrete and gentle. So discrete that the brand does not really disclose the olfactive notes: musk, citric and powdery notes. The fragrance "aims to breath the belief in universal peace and love and the result for the quest for warm affection of humanity". Ok, we can find here a little bit of peace and love Woodstock mumbo jumbo, but there is all there is to it.
Hindu Grass is a powdery, classy perfume by Alessandro Gualtieri. It mixes notes of tobacco, patchouli, amber, musk and vetiver.
The tobacco notes are warm, silky with a touch of honey. A golden touch that make us think of real gentle men in tuxedos or tweed suits. The types we used to see in old movies from the 40's and 50's. Impecable hair and manners...always lighting a cigarrete, a pipe or a cigar (yes, those were classy gestures once).
Carry Grant
The patchouli was explored by the perfumer in a different form. Here it is green - camphorated, earthy - moss, grassy . And combined with vetiver and lemony notes it is very masculine (the perfume is sold for both genders, but the ladies have to wait till the top notes will evaporate). It tickles the nose at first but it settles nicely pretty fast. Maybe too fast. The tickling effect is probably due to clary sage but I am guessing here. It does resemble of Vetiver Dance by Andy Tauer.
David Niven
Once the mysterious, darker side of the perfume vanishes in the air the fragrance becomes a powdery bouquet. The kind of bouquet you get with white flowers.
There you will find the gentlemen aura. The politeness, the courteous conduct towards everyone, the "just took a shower" look with a slightly snob way of the wealthy.
It is charming fragrance! Very David Niven style!
Hugh Dancy
That doesn't mean it was created for mature guys only.
Nasomatto is very versatile. It is the kind of perfume that you can wear with a t-shirt and jeans and still will give the ladies the impression you are in a tuxedo. You can be in you late 20's or even in your 30's and it won't feel like you stole granny's or daddy's perfume.
The brand is young, full of energy and modern. I could have also attached photos of Clive Owen, Jude Law, Hugh Jackman...
The dry down is smooth and neat. Musk and amber are a delicious touch in the end.
Researches show that the smell of grass is relaxing. Indeed Hindu Grass is a warm relaxing perfume. Wearing it will make it easy with the ladies. It gives a sense of comfort, secureness, of being a trustworthy person. That masculine protection we try to show we don't need but we love it so much...
+Q Perfume Blog has it close to her this Christmas and it feels good!!
You can find Hindu Grass and other Nasomatto fragrances at Essenza Nobile.
Click here for the site.
By the way, I wish the staff of Essenza Nobile a lovely holidays and also in the same opportunity I would like to thank them for all the goodies they sent me, including Hindu Grass!

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