Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ol- Facts: Scented Objects

There are many ways of applying and spreading fragrance in an ambience.
One of the most interesting and creative way is to apply fragrance in decorative objects.
Many perfume brands offer scented accessories such as flowers, sachets, pillows, candles, wood objects, wood stick diffusers, papers, ceramics, etc...
Some of these objects catch our attention because of their artistic beauty or because of their marvelous scents.
The French artist Hervé Gambs is always inspired by nature to create warm and delightful ambiences.
Specialized in interior architecture and textile design, the flowers he creates are objects of a astonishing beauty.
The brand was created in 1989 and since its beginning it incorporated a line of fragrances.
All Gambs' products are objects of extremely elegance.
He manages to mix creativity with sensibility and create art in fabric.
Tied to find lots of glasses with bamboo sticks, he decided to create other forms of spreading fragrance and develop contemporary scented objects with natural references.
His line offers today 10 modern objects to be scented: eight different flowers, one set of sachets, one faux-mink ornament. All displayed on a ceramic dish and combined with a different fragrance, to be spread and to perfume the ambient.
Also signed by him, a collection of aromatic candles with 12 different fragrances. All made with 100% natural wax and 10% fragrance.
The line has classic luxurious fragrances such orchid and white flowers, contemporary delicacy such as fresh cut herbs and fig leafs and exquisite creative such as Sel D'Osmanthus (salty-sweet scent) and Souffle de Bambou (with green bamboo, galbanum and ozone notes).
Since 1976 the also French brand L'Artisan Parfumeur offers perfumes, home fragrances and scented objects.
Following the tradition and technics of French perfumery, L'Artisan offers sensory experiences through the art of living perfume.
All the candles are handcrafted, made only with high quality raw materials and offered in a black frosted glass with a glossy L'Artisan coat of arms.
The brand made a partnership with the Italian company Bottega Veneta (known by their high quality exclusive leather goods) and launched a collection of scented candles and perfumed accessories.
All candles are creamy white, offered in a frosted glass surrounded by a intrecciato leather band. The fragrances are named Intreccio N.1. N.2, N.3 and N.4. The N.1 is a Tomas Maier creation and an invitation to travel and to sit in an Italian library in rural Italy. With notes of Iris, dark woods, Lapsong Souchong tea and leather, for a sensual serene state of mind. Intreccio N.2 is a redolent aromatic, fresh, spicy-woody fragrance with notes of basil, sage, thyme, mint, green cypress and woody pine and cistus. A kitchen-garden combination. N.3 is an invitation to spend summer in the Island of Capri. It is flowery, salty, fresh and sensuous. With notes of fuchsia, bougainvillea, white jasmin, cistus, citrus tang, eucalyptus, pine, myrtile plus salty ocean notes. Intreccio N.4 is inspired by the winter, hot wine with spices, a cozy chalet. With notes of ginger, caramel, cinnamon, cloves and oranges. It translates and offers a comforting "back to childhood" experience.
Also with Bottega Veneta, L'Artisan created the Intrecciati line.
Ingenious scented charms made by Bottega Veneta's fine nappa leather, with a small pillow, filled with fragrance stones, protected by organza fabric.
The idea is to offer different size objects, designed for travelers who spend long periods away from home. To be taken to any place and to create a personal touch in an hotel room, or office abroad, providing a home experience.
The brand also offers hand carved terracota balls, with ambar crystals, made in the South of France and in four different sizes (20, 50, 100 and 200gr). The ambar crystals in contact with air are gradually diffused. With a life of 2 years, the crystals can be replaced by new ones very easily.
The Italian perfume brand Acqua di Parma offers a very interesting option of spreading fragrance: perfumed 50cm X 70 cm fabric, made of celulose and cotton fiber, scented with Acqua di Parma Cologne, for closets, drawers and shelves. The cologne was created and produced in Italy, in a small perfume factory, in 1916. Since than the brand grew world-widely and in 2003 was acquired by the LVMH Group, world-wide leader in production and distribution of luxurious goods. The quality of handmade products, the originality and the brand identity was kept.
Scented sachets is not a new idea. there are thousands in the market, in different sizes and fabrics, but some of them are special because of their textile design, like Angela Adams' products. The american artist offers sachets in 2 sizes, with modern design and 2 different fragrances: lavander and balm.

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