Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing with sexy Vetiver/Dançando com Sexy Vetiver

Andy Tauer got back from his trip to the US, with a smile on his face and apparently, with a full stomack. check his blog!

The new fragrance, Vetiver Dance, was launched successfully, and we want to congratulate him.
To celebrate his success I decide to reveal the vetiver dream I had when I first got my sample, a couple of months ago, and review the scent.
Dancing with Vetiver - a dream
She was standing near the window. Her beautiful yellow dress, glowing from the reflex of the sun on her the silky fabric. She looked to the horizon and stared at the lilies so neatly planted across the garden. She touched the grapefruits in a basket. She felt the oily skin, the citrus whiff.
As the sun moved away, she felt a breeze coming in.
She could sense he was approaching her slowly.
Rose was excited but didn't want to show. She didn't move.
From behind he gave her a kiss on the right shoulder, and whispered in her ear.
She felt the heat coming up, from her legs to the face, like pepper. Spicy heat.
He embraced her with a kiss. a humid, tasty kiss.
Vetiver invited her gently, to dance.
As she smiled at him, he took her hand and put his arms around her body.
As they danced across the ballroom, her heels scratched the cedar wood from the floor.
She touched his face and passed her fingers through his thick dark black hair.
It smelled sweet. Ambar and tonka scent.
She said she loved him...
He gave her a deep, luscious kiss...
Vetiver Dance is Andy's seventh fragrance.


The fragrance was created around a vetiver from Java.
It starts with a fresh/green/citrusy opening, with clary sage, black pepper and grapefruit.
On my skin, the peppery note is very intense and diffuse and it blends very well with the clary sage and grapefruit. This last note is weak on my skin. Probably because I tend to have a very dry type of skin. On my husband, my "lab rat" for research on male fragrances, the grapefruit is more intense, the opening on his is more citrusy. It lasts longer.
The fresh sensation gives place to a flowery note of rose. A very velvety rose. Delicate, not feminine.
It reminds me one of the fragrances of Le Labo, that offers rose for men (in concept).
But Andy's rose is different for sure.
I smell a woody note surrounding the bouquet, as it I would smell dried rose petals in a drawer made of wood.
No, better thought pop out: I think of a lodge in Switzerland.
A cozy sensation approaches me. I am in a sky lodge, it is snowing and I feel the whiff of a rose bouquet displayed on my coffee table.
The vetiver note is always present, blending homogeneously, constantly with harmony.
The humidity is not there. It is not a humid dirt note. His vetiver is striking beautiful, well-balanced. totally different side of vetiver.
The scent on my skin is rich, creamy, rosy and dry.
The tonka melts down so well that I don't have that gourmet effect, that I am a little bit tired of. It gives me the creamy soft velvety effect. I love it.
After a while the woody notes become more distinguished. I smell clearly the cedar note.
My husband smelled cardamom, but I cannot say I did.
Maybe a pinch of coriander? But very subtle.
On my skin I feel that there is more to a masculine effect.
I feel that this is not what I need right now.
On my husband...
Well, it did make him smell really sexy. It is a very sensual fragrance indeed. But not loud. It requires more intimacy. One feels the urge to come closer and smell the skin deeper.
It brought my nose close to his neck all they long.
It is for a man that knows what he has to offer. He doesn't need to show off to catch the ladies' attention. He is masculine, he is elegant. He has style.
He knows how to treat a lady.
So thank you Andy, again.
Thank you for bringing beauty to niche perfumes.
Thank you for giving both my husband and I a whiff of romance.
If I would have a few words to describe the fragrance I would say HARMONY, ELEGANCE, SENSUAL.

Vetiver Dance by Tauer Perfumes - available this month in EDT - 50ml.
You can order at Andy's site or Luckscent.

Photo credit: Andy Tauer.
This picture was given to +Q Perfume and it cannot be taken from here without previous consent. Please respect the perfumer's work.

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