Monday, October 27, 2008

+Q perfume has been Tagged!/J'ai été taggée!/Eu fui etiquetada!

One of the most wonderful things about the blogosphere is that you are able to share incredible experiences, get to know interesting people and share passions. So these amazing perfume lovers, sharing their points of view, sharing their knowledge about a subject that can be expressed in endless ways, are finally connecting to one another. Comparing ideas, experiences, connecting with a higher goal (to spread perfume culture globally) and most of all (and not less important), having fun! My passion for perfumes started at the age of 5-6, when I was grounded by my mom, for perfuming all my dolls and stuffed animal with her very expensive Joy, by Jean Patou. :-) So my passion comes from my childhood. After finding out that, there were people in the internet actually smelling and reviewing and writing about it, I found a total different meaning to my life, and things are going to another direction. I began to build a project of a site ( and also this blog, to give a dynamic movement to it. To listen to what others feel about what I was discussing/doing. The rewarding is huge and it came faster than I thought. i belong to this marvelous group of people that are committed to fulfill their passion: write and express themselves thought fragrance. I was tagged by Poivrebleu so here are the following rules to the Tagging Game: First, the rules in English: 1. Link to the person who tagged you (Coucou Poivrebleu!) 2. Post the rules on your blog 3. Write six random things about yourself 4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them 5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog 6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up. In French: 1. Faire un lien sur le blog de la personne qui vous a taggé (Coucou Poivrebleu!) 2. Poster les règles sur votre blog 3. Ecrire 6 choses vous concernant 4. Tagger 6 autres personnes à la fin du billet, et faire le lien sur leurs blogs 5. Faire savoir aux personnes qu’elles ont été taggées en laissant un commentaire sur leur blog 6. Faire savoir à votre tagger quand votre billet est en ligne. I added one rule to the game: Describe or say something about the person/blog that tagged you! PoivreBleu is a French/English Blog that has a lot in common with my Blog: it is a blog about perfume. It deals with all the ways you can find perfume. It has the principal target to give a great vision of the perfume world, with personal analysis on perfumes, reviews, critics, explanations on the fabrication and so on. So it has what mine has, with the owner's perspective - a sensible, complete and interesting way to express life through perfume (Merci Poivrebleu!) 06 ramdom things about me: Really? Ok.... Ecrire 6 choses vous concernant: Ulahlah! 01. I am obsessed about Japan. I am afraid to travel to Tokyo and never want to come back home. That is why you will always find references in my blog. 02. I speak one of the most ancient languages of all times - Hebrew. I feel very special for speaking to God in his own tongue. I know other languages, but Hebrew is my favorite. Of course French is the most beautiful one, but Hebrew is a way to connect to the higher spheres.... 03. Some people think I look like Jodie Foster, a more feminine version of her.I don't share this opinion. 04. David Bowie was my first love :-) I am crazy about him till today, but the posters are no longer on the wall (hahahahah!). I am very fond of Classic music, mostly Chopin and Mozart, Bossa Nova, electronic of all sorts and Flamenco. I am crazy about Flamenco! 05. I was an International Corporate lawyer till last year. I was. 06. I am a terrific cook, and Moroccan food is my favorite. Moroccan men too! hahahahaha I am Shitrit, rings a bell? I have now to tag 06 other bloggers, let's see....some were already tagged by others... Tagger 6 autres personnes à la fin du billet, et faire le lien sur leurs blogs: I would like to have the honor of tagging Mr. Andy Tauer, perfumer and one of the most gentle creatures you will meet in Europe. I would also like to tag the incredible, one of his kind Octavian Coifan, of 1000 fragrances, although he is so serious that I hardly believe he will continue the chain, but still, he is my favorite above all!! He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about fragrances and specially history and chemistry. I tag also Marlen Harisson , the author and owner of Perfume Critic, the most serious place for a fragrance to be. Marina from perfume-smellin' things, Perfume posse and Peredepierre (Mark, Thomas and Dane). So dearest bloggers, I am today sending all of you, a huge tag, perfumed with your most beloved fragrance.

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