Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paco Rabanne Black XS - answer to Blog reader

This week I am glad to answer one of my readers' doubt:
RB is working with public relations and has many VIP clients in his portfolio. Therefore he would like to know more about fragrances that are suitable for working environment, and if the fragrance he has been wearing is suitable for his position/job.
First of all we have to take in consideration that, perfume is one of the key elements of a series of others, drawing what we call a personal image.
There is a dress code and a standard behavior for the entrepreneurial world, including here a wise choice for fragrances.
First notice that, no matter what is your working place the perfume should be discreet and used in small amounts. Imposing your fragrance to others is always considered bad manners and you may make people uncomfortable with it. Secondly, you have to evaluate what "tribe" you belong to. Lawyers are different from bankers. Advertisers are different for stock brokers, who are far more different from Holywood executives, and so on... Find your image and match it to your niche.
Strong florals, mysterious or sensual scents should be put aside while working. They are a better choice for the evening, weekends and dating.
So we continue...
Depending on which image the executive wish to reflect there is a criteria to follow. For instance, classic traditional scents may send the message that the user is a traditionalist, maybe old fashioned. Sportive, oceanic, watery fresh and modern scents sends the message that the user is energetic, dynamic and young. Classy, luxurious but discreet scents shows that the person has a sense of style and belongs a high social status.
In public relations it is crucial to remember that not only your personal image will be on the spot, but also the image of the client you are representing.
So I suggest to choose your fragrance carefully.
Also remember the golden rule "less is more" - use a very small amount of perfume. If you feel the fragrance has evaporated during the day, you can always refresh it again. I suggest a small version of your favorite fragrance to take it in your briefcase, so you can always carry it with you during the day.
The second question was about Black XS by Paco Rabanne:
12 years after the launch of Paco Rabanne XS first fragrance, the house brings a new fragrance in 2005, designed by Oliver Cresp from Firmenich.
The face of the fragrance is model Will Chalker. The campaign shows the model in black and white, naked torso in a jeans, way bellow the navel. Sexy, intense, passionate, he is the though guy with a tender heart.
The oriental woody fragrance has a fresh citrusy-fruity opening, a sweet heart with a blend of praline, spiced by cardamom and a sexy woody drydown.
The olfactives notes are:
top notes - Calabrian lemon, Calamansi (orange from Panama), Tagète and sage.
middle notes - Praliné, Cinammon, Tolu Balm and Black Cardamom.
base notes - Rosewood, Ebony, Patchouli and Black ambar.
So, answering his question, this fragrance is very nice indeed, but not suitable for his working enviroment. It is definitely suitable for weekends, dating and casual situations.
My suggestion is to wear another fragrance during work, and leave this one for special moments...
For a complete experience check:
Black XS Image credit for: Images de Parfums
model: Will Chalker


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