Thursday, September 4, 2008

Magnifique Lancôme - English version

Lancôme has launched world widely, its new fragrance Magnifique, at the Grand Palais in France.
As us, Brazilians, could not be left out, the fragrance was launched here in Brazil this last Wednesday.
The slogan of the campaign "You are unique, you are magnifique", brings Anne Hathaway, in a love encounter in Paris.
Charming, talented and very pretty, the actress is the woman ambassador of the brand.
In this campaign she is beautiful, in love, audacious and magnifique.
The fragrance was created by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier from Firmenich, challenging the rare market of woody scents for women.
The result is a woody floral spicy perfume, with head notes of saffron, combined with a ultra-feminine rose heart, and woody mysterious base note of Nagarmotha, a new note in perfumery.
According to the official sources, the olfactory notes are: mandarine, cumin, cinnamon, Bulgarian rose, Mai rose of Grasse absolute, Australian sandalwood, vetiver and indian Nagarmotha.
I had the opportunity to try the scent yesterday, at its launching at Fragrances.
At the entrance of the store, the saleswoman holding the bottle ( that is so beautiful, sophisticated, multi-faceted and in shades of hypnotizing ruby red) excuses herself as she offers to spray on me. I lend her my arm. Spitzzzz on my wrist. I feel the mandarine, cumin and saffron notes. They are strongly pronounced. I am not sure if I liked it, or better saying, I was surprised. It is different. Unique.
I was offered a glass of Champagne, and soon a violinist starts to play.
As the music spreads around the place filled of guests, the scent spreads on my skin, going deeper, penetrating, involving. Emerges than a new shade of the perfume. More romantic, sweeter, more sensual. Delicate floral.
"Hors d'oeuvres?" Asks the waiter, approaching a silver plate full with little delicious appetizers. "No thank you", I answer. I don't want the aroma of the food to bother my nose.
I watch other women spraying the perfume, touching the nose on the wrist. I hear compliments. Seems that the perfume pleases... I won't let myself be influenced by others. I turn my back and smell the perfume again on my wrist. It has evoluted. Warm notes, slightly sweet, milky, with creamy effect (velvety), caressing. The perfume enchanted me. It is young without been teeny, It is feminine, involving, warm.
I come home satisfied and certain that Indians know things. according to the vashikaran, the Indian mantra for the opposite sex, the nagarmotha oil mixed with other herbs, when spread on a man's forehead, grants him a lot of successful love encounters.

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