Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fragrances for children

The times when fragrances for babies and children were only lavender, chamomille and melissa are left in the past. Today the market of children and teens' fragrances expanded to a point of ressembling the market targeting adults. For babies we can find nowadays hypoallergenic alcohol-free products - the Eau de Soi and Eau de Senteur.
Usually these are perfumed water with gentle floral and fruity touch (notes).
It is possible to find a vast number of brands, abroad and here in Brazil.
Kaloo brand offers clinic tested, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic fragrances for babies:
Blue, Lollies and Bandana for boys; Lili Rose and Lollies for girls; and Kaloo 1 and 2 and Kaloo Dragee for both genders. The scents are almonds, pear, citrus or raspberry.
Le Labo has a very delicate ambrette scent called Ambrette 9. For babies, children and their mommies. The fragrance is also alcohol-free and for both genders. I wear sometimes, and sometimes my 9 yrs. old child wears it. It is indeed a very nice and special fragrance.
Mustela offers an Eau de Soin baby Perfume - Musti, an alcohol-free solution with flower and fresh fruit scents, and natural plants extracts.
Considered worldwide by mothers one the best fragrance for babies.
The Spanish brand Tous launched a citrusy-floral-fruity scent combined with musk and santalwood notes. Love Chic Baby offers 2 fragrances for 6 months old children to pre-teens: Love Chic Baby Boy and Love Baby Girl both with a citrusy, fruity and floral scent. Fresh and subtle, it offers fragrances with mandarin, bergamot,water lily, pink peony, yellow freesia, island pineapple, and sheer rose. And for boys, mandarin, orange, pink grapefruit, sweetheart melon, wild strawberry, and dew berry.
IKKS brand, besides clothing, is also offering a perfume line for babies and kids. IKKS Baby Fragrance is floral-fruity with iris, jasmin, magnolia, liquorice, milk, honeysuckle, santalwood and white musks notes. IKKS Little Woman for Girls is a floral fruity perfume with lavender, bergamot, cardamom, geranium, lily of the valley, violets, peach, tonka beans, jasmin and coriander notes.IKSS Young Fragrance for Boys is a woody perfume with grape, blackcurrant, coriander, jasmin, liquorice, cedar, santalwood and white musks notes.
Famous brands also aiming the younger public launched their fragrances for children:
Burberry launched Burberry Baby Touch, alcohol-free floral scent.
Givenchy and Tartine et Chocolat lanched in 2003 the fragrance Eau D'Amour pour Mamman,and in 2005 Guerlain launched Baby Guerlain.
Hugo Boss has Motion Baby Perfume, with orange, Basil Flowers, Violet Leaves, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg Oil, Pink Pepper, Woods, Sandalwood Oil and Musk notes.
Jacadi, French brand for children has a line of fragrances with joyful and sweet packaging. Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free base fragrances for babies, from 0 to 2 yrs old with sensible skin, with bergamot, mandarine, mint, orange blossom, lilly of the valley, white carnation, musk and wood notes. For girls from 3 to 7 yrs old, the brand offers 2 perfumes: Jacadi Fille, with lime, orange, liquorice, violet, iris and caramel notes.
And Mademoiselle Jacadi, with orange, nectarine sorbet, rose, honey, litchi and vanilla notes.
The brand offers Jacadi Garçon, for boys from 3 to 7 . A very delicate fragrance with bergamot, peach, mandarine, lilly of the valley, rose, apricot, musk and ambar notes.

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