Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Soaps around the globe - Sweden


Continuing our journey to find exquisite soaps around the globe, I had to stop at Malmö, Sweden to bring you the weirdest thing I ever heard. I know that being eco friendly and worrying about the nature and recycling things is the trend of this century, but sometimes it just go off limits. Petra Lilja and Jenny Nordberg, two ladies that own a place called Apocalypse Lab, found time to travel around Malmö by bike, collecting used oil from Swedish restaurants to produce recycled soaps. The soap, aka Falafeltvålen, which made me wonder what does a old oil triangle shaped soap has to do with falafel.... the response came in many websites in Swedish.if I understood well, the leftover cooking oil from Malmö is loaded of cumin and garlic and it seems to smell like falafel. 

When asked about the disgusting smell, Jenny remarks are pretty bright "soap was originally made of pig's lard, which is also disgusting".
Also seems that now they got famous because of this project and they are now called "the soap girls". According to the brand, a bio chemist was consulted and now the soap has a original smell of saponification, with no fragrance or color added.

I would not use it probably, but it got me curious. The project has been traveling the globe and fortunately it will one day show up in Brazil. Till then...I will wear more fragrant stuff!

Obs.: They have sold already 3000 soaps, mostly to museums and eco& design shops

To be continued....


Juraj said...

I like your tales..aroudn the globe. Like the post about Sweden the most! :)


+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Hello Juraj!! How are you???
Any special soaps from your region? if so, let me know ok?

Regards Simone

Juraj said...

It's been a while Simone! :)

There are some soaps from the region that is next to Italy, they are made of lavender, they are very nice :)

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