Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Soaps around the globe - JAPAN

Taking a month to travel and relax is something that I am fortunate to be able to do once a year. Traveling to places that I have never been before, exploring its aromas and scents is a very enriching experience. The only problem is returning from such a long vacation. Piles of laundry to make, 1000s of bills to pay, not to mention that going back to work is a nightmare. It takes at least 2 months to clean the desk. The worst part is that my blog always have to be placed on the side, and readers must wait till I can really find time to sit and write about perfumes.
This year I will start with a post about soaps. Soaps are one of my favorite fragrant objects of pleasure. You can browse my blog and find some interesting articles about them :-).
I decided to write about some interesting findings. Some I got acquainted recently, some I have check many years ago.
Our journey starts in Japan.


Established in 1892, TAMANOHADA is a Japanese soap brand offering exclusive luxurious soaps that made me want to take the next flight to Japan! They are quite expensive, but in that country they are considered to be a gift to be given either to a special person or real special occasion.


The brand has developed original blend of aromatic blends, giving meticulously attention to small details. For example, the round soap has a sphere shape, slightly flattened in one side, giving the soap stability to rest perfectly centered over the counter (sink). As you roll the soap with your hands, it provides comfort and healing, while filling the entire bathroom with the amazing fragrances they have developed. Brand offers the round soaps in lavender, orange, rose, gardenia, fig and musk scents that can be bought in a 03 or 06 soaps gift set/pack.


They also have one of the coolest soaps I have ever seen. The fish shaped soap is called WELCOME SOAP and it is inspired by the TAI fish, or Red Sea bream, which is associated with good fortune. With that in mind, TAMANOHADA developed these gorgeous red, black or white translucent soaps to be offered to visitors or to beloved ones as a welcoming gift.


Scents offered are: pomegranate (red), brown sugar (black) and lilies (white).
The packing is simply outstanding!!!
With a heritage of more than 110 years, TAMANOHADA is foamy, retaining a lot of humidity and made of vegetable raw materials.
And the reason why I love this brand specially it is simply because not only they are cool, they are also involved with one of my favorite things in the world: design.
Once they were a part of an exhibition in Milan, I think in 2008. They brought tons of soaps from Japan, that were really beautiful sculptures.
Check for the photos by Julie Gordon:

To be continued...

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