Friday, February 24, 2012

Soaps around the globe - ISRAEL

Gamila Secret - Galelee, Israel
Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog

Safta Djamila (or grandma Gamila) is a druze lady who was born in Pik'In - Galelee - Israel. Since she was very little she learned the secrets of to pressing olive oil and mixing it with herbs to make beauty products. 40 years experimenting formulas, and many many tons of soap later she became an international brand, selling her products all over the world. I had the pleasure to travel to Pik'In and tour inside her small family factory. Soaps are really hand crafted and of a singular quality. 

Gamila soaps ready to be wrapped and sold
Photo Credit: + Q Perfume Blog

I chose the Rosemary Soap that is really invigorating, very creamy/oily and perfect for my dry skin. You might experience some peeling of the skin, but it is perfectly normal, as explained in the brochure. The peeling effect is part of the process of renewing the skin. The soap is also rich in anti-oxidantes, vitamin B6 and calcium.
Another soap that I bought was the Original bar, which I used right away while I was in Israel. It restored my damaged skin that was suffering from the cold weather (from dryness), from allergies (rash and red spots) and it really made me feel indulged. 
The fragrances are basically from the natural ingredients and the oils used. Very aromatic.

Photo Credit: + Q Perfume Blog

Although I have enjoyed her soaps very much, I think this brand has a policy of hiding from her customers that PIK'IN is in Israel, and that in fact she is Israeli. Druze yes, but an Israeli native. She may not like us, she may think she won't be able to sell to many countries if she reveals her true secret, but she should not forget where she was born. I was told that she got famous due not only to quality, but for the fact that her son works (or has worked) for the one of the Israelis TV channels, therefore it opened many doors for her. (That was told me by competition in the region - Another Druze lady who makes excellent Pomegranate creams and oils).
Although she shows the beauty of OUR land in an advertising video in her website, she does not mention Israel one single time. Yes, Djamila OUR land, the State of Israel.
That said, excuse me for revealing your secret lady. I really loved your soaps, but that got me really pissed. 
I was treated very nice in the factory by local Druze ladies who gave me plenty of information, let me photograph inside the factory, but at that time I did not know that her website did not mention Israel at all.
So darling readers, if you ask me for advise, I will not recommend it for political reasons ONLY.


 I am not embarrassed or afraid that I am Brazilian and ISRAELI!

To be continued...stick around with your passport because we will be traveling to another country pretty soon...
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