Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tom Ford's anal obsessions - advertising strategy or bad taste?

Thomas Carlyle Ford is a 50 years old fashion designer with a long resume. From Gucci, to Yves Saint Laurent, in 2007 he opened the doors of his own brand and flagship store in New York City - The Tom Ford store with menswear and accessories. He has his name in eye wear, in partnership with Marcolin Group and also made a very bright move to form  an alliance with Esteé Lauder to create the Tom Ford Beauty brand.
A natural provocateur, the fashion designer once gave to Details Magazine a list of his 10 rules of style (I think it was in 2008) Topic number 10 was pretty surprising to me as something to consider "style":

"There’s one indulgence every man should try in his lifetime: If you’re straight, sleep with a man at least once, and if you’re gay, don’t go through life without sleeping with a woman. Either way, you might be surprised at how natural it will feel if you can get past the mind-fuck of stereotypes. In the end, it’s just another person that you are relating to in a physical way."
So this is Mr. Ford's idea of style is "Have gay sex because it is natural". I thought this was a sexual preference...
That said, one cannot be shocked if he has decided to bring to his beauty brand the same attitude he has towards life - dress elegantly, choose classy styled clothes, have taste and refined grace while choosing your clothes and shoes, but please leave the elegance to the wardrobe only! Live a mundane life and overload yourself with filthy low level attitude. Show pubic hair, show your dick to whoever is desiring to suck it...show your hairy chest and the golden bracelet and rings. Look like a pimp in a 50,000 dollar jacket kind of attitude. Be disgusting if you dare -  that brings a lot of attention too. 

In a few words, Tom Ford is not hip nor controvertial. He is simply VULGAR!!

His fragrance advertisings are exactly Mr. Ford's expression of his vulgarity. His obsession for anal sex had gone beyond the limits, when he had the most disgusting idea of shoving a perfume bottle in the hairy ass of some guy that he was probably fucking behind the back of his partner. Fact is, this blogger has nothing against gay sex, gay relationships, heterosexual anal sex (if this is an option that you chose for yourself), but I think that relating asses to fragrances is simply idiotic, and a huge lack of taste.
The last Tom Ford advertising campaign featured in Russian GQ shows Mr. Ford smelling strips taken from the anus of a female model.

I don't know what you think about it. Funny, a joke, another controversy?
I wonder if he will make his next prostate exam available to the public in youtube...Yeah... just imagine Mr. Ford taking a whiff of Tom Ford for Men EXTREME, while the camera gives a huge close up in his anus being analyzed by the fingers of his doctor (or the entire hand - depending on the size and flexibility of TF's asshole)...than he goes "Tom Ford for Men Extreme...because your prostate will thank you in the future!"

We all know that perfumery uses raw materials that are coming from places that seem to be rather weird to the general public, like the perineal glands of the civet for example, or  extracted from the secretion of the prepuce glands of male beavers. Fecal notes are used in perfumery indeed, no doubt about it, no one is denying here...but to go from scents, to showing the anus...

I will not review the fragrances of his collection today, nor will I extend myself in this subject. But I do have a message to Mr. Ford:

Why don't you just go stick it up your ass in your own time and privacy sir? 

You are a middle age man now, not some hottie from Studio 54 in the 70's..you should have know better no? 


JordanD said...

Found this blog while looking up Grey Vetiver and I get the impression, despite your adamant claims otherwise, that you are homophobic. Just like every politician and televangelist who preaches "traditional American values" for years before we all turn on the TV and see that he spends his free time propositioning men in public bathrooms. Why else would you have taken the time to blog about this ad? Sorry, but Ford is an artist and a valuable one, which is why he has ads in the first place ...now let's see how long it takes before this is deleted.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dear Jordan,
Thank you for your message. It is an opportunity to explain the reason why I wrote it and address in general to all the angry messages of others.
One - I have 1000s of homosexual friends and I love them as persons, humans. To me, race, religion or sexual preference was NEVER an issue.
Why I took time to do it - I think that Tom Ford is a great artist - I agree with all of you. BUT I think he is objectifying people. I don't like that add where he objectifies the FEMALE model and turn her into a thing! A holder of perfume strips. I don't like the way he used men to make that advertising where he polishes someone's butt in a sado maso kinky way.
I don't like that he uses female and male models in a shower, with the looks of under aged kids.
this is nothing about gays, This is about PEOPLE.
I loved his movie, I love his clothes and some of the fragrances. I don't like his marketing strategy. PERIOD.
I think I am entitle to have this opinion.
I don't like the advertising of ONE Million by Pacco Rabane either implying that women are gold diggers, objectifying women. He snaps the finger and she comes because he has millions. Again - not about gays - but in the same line of Tom Ford here.

this is about SEX - not homosexuality. using sex to sell fragrances. IMO everybody does that, but he took it way too far. By the way - my gay friends - many of them, read the article and AGREED with me - none came to me complaining or saying I have a problem with homosexuals. I think you got me all wrong here. You are entitle to have an opinion, since it was politely addressed and signed.

I hope I cleared the matter to you, and if you felt offended in any way - I am really sorry, but it was never the intention!
i will not erase your comment.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

One more thing Jordan, with all due respect to you, if I was homophobic I would not need a blog about perfumes, or an article about perfumes to pass the message - today, in the free world - one can say out loud and clear - "I hate this or that", "I love this or that". at least in Brazil we can.

So my message was pretty clear to Tom Ford: "don't use people as objects". "I am angry at your lack of respect, so I am telling you that you are vulgar, that you are an exhibitionist, and if you are so obsessed with sticking things in your model's butt and objectify them - we don't want to see it, it is really ridiculous" and I told him to go fuck himself - and asked him to do it in privacy - so we don't have to see that either!

I think the message is more than clear. I is addressed to him, not to gay men, nor what you are implying: "my anti homosexual campaign". And I do hope he read it, and will address to me like you did. Fingers crossed here.

P.s.: I am Brazilian so I am not really into "The American Traditional Values" - I am not into anything traditional.

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