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White Patchouli EDP by Tom Ford

To M.M. - who claims he temporarily lost the Mojo... and to Plitzko.


Brand: Tom Ford Fragrances
Origin: USA
Launch: 2008
Olfactive family: floral-woody
Olfactive Notes: bergamot, white peonies, coriander, night jasmine, rose absolute, patchouli, blonde woods, incense and ambrette seeds.
Description by the brand: "The exotic depth of patchouli Orpur - with the smell of crushed patchouli leafs - a Grand Cru".
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: SENSUAL, PROVOCATIVE, CHIC, VERSATILE
Silage: Great/Fixation: Great
Rate: ★★★★
Find Tom Ford fragrances at Essenza Nobile.
(By clicking on the name TOM FORD).

Tom Ford is not a new face in the fragrance business and White Patchouli is not a recent launch. The thing is...I had this sample for a long time, and due to the fact that I have readers all over the world, sometimes I need to make articles about summer fragrances, for the ones above the Equator, and list winter fragrances for the ones below it. This year I decided to make my life simpler, so I was trying to find a fragrance that could be suitable for both seasons at the same time. BINGO! White Patchouli is so versatile that it will shine at any season.
I have been also thinking about this fragrance a lot because every time I look to my back yard, I see the leafs of my Ginkgo tree, and I think of Della Chuang. I realized that I never asked her if the White Patchouli bottle - her flacon design -  had the same pattern of her beloved Ginkgo leafs and their parallel veins...

Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog

White Patchouli EDT has a a weird start.  Let's say it is not the Flower by Kenzo kind of top notes (that are simply beautiful). It is a whiff of Windex and coriander soapy notes. A fresh-clean shinny touch, that in the world of haute parfumerie, they call "sparkling" or "alluring". 
WINDEX and coriander that's what it is! 
Peonies sank in my skin so deeply that I could not find them at all at this point. It also contains a disturbing waxy smell that I have no idea where it comes from.
Anyways, at this very moment my thoughts are: White Patchouli is like a booty call - casual, sexual without compromising. Kinda like: Dial White Patchouli 800, and get 100% chance of getting laid... or your money back.  
Don't get me wrong here. White Patchouli is not about being cheap. On the contrary. It is  stylish chic, but it is a booty call in a sense of leading 100% to the bed. It is provocative, it is sensual, it is carnal and, it is very very TOM FORD.
The windex notes are soon to be gone and you can start to appreciate the perfume. Slightly flowery, slightly woody, slightly everything...
Probably Tom Ford made this fragrance for himself. It contains a bit of "I wear my shirt opened to show my hairy chest, but I am elegant and cool".

All that said -  a must have for the ones who wishes to get lucky with the ladies :-)
But be smart to spray at least 15-20 minutes before leaving the house.

Tom Ford chose the ebony soul queen Erykah Badu to advertise his White Patchouli fragrance for one particular reason - her velvety voice is as sensual as his fragrance! The black and white advertising campaign was shot by Merc Alas and Marcus Piggott.
The fragrance bottle was designed by lovely Della Chuang.

To listen to Erikah's amazing voice:


Anonymous said...

The first impression I had from White Patchouli was the smell of a clean armpit after sex.Thick, sweet with something sour and traces of deodorant. Of course I get this deodorant vibe from many TF fragrances, several from the Private Collection but mostly from Black Orchid, which I find a little too much not only to wear but also to smell. Having said that, White Patchouli is amazing and I would really like to know how the perfumer managed to make such a clear association with sex.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

That is the exact description! Clean and sexual. I love this fragrance although the first minutes are too much for me.
What about the clean musks? Animal but clean?

Anonymous said...

Not much of a beast there for me. I love them but the deodorant vibe is huge in them.

My favourite bright but animalic musk is Les Nereides Fleur Poudree de Musc: the most innocent white flowers and powder rub noses with the pissy-est musc I have ever smelled. Have you tried any from this line? The prices are amazing for such good quality.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Nooooo, got me curious!!

Juraj said...

Wih Black Orchid, it is the best from Tom Ford regular line... ;) I find it almost unisex...

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