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Nirmal EDP by Laboratorio Olfattivo - The ultimate hug - fragrance review

To Roberto Drago, the nicest Italian I know!


Country of origin: Italy

Launch: 2010

Perfumer: Rosine Courage

Gender: Unisex

Olfactive notes: carrot, iris, violet, cedarwood, accord Daim.

Brand's description: A candid tissue that softly grazes the skin. The white color that becomes perfume of sweetness, serenity and quiet. Imagining a cloud of candid notes that spread in the air, the Nose has drawn a fragrance from the soft lines, accented by soft tones and accords. A perfume in which clear feelings and positive thoughts are mixed.
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: POWDERY GENTLE FLUFFY CLEAN slightly earthy.
♥♥♥♥♥ - I am dancing on clouds!
♥♥♥♥ - Furry Fluffy Flowery
♥♥♥ - Immaculate but not super
♥♥ - So furry I would spritz only on cats and dogs
♥ - Soft as a fat belly
Sillage: Close range
Fixation: Good
Development: Almost linear
Could pair with: Heeley's Iris de Nuit
You will find all Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrances at their WEBSITE and at KAON.

Laboratorio Olfattivo is an Italian niche perfumery brand, with such an uniqueness and sophistication that has captured my heart this year. As explained by the brand, perfumers are free to create according to their own experiences and artistic creativity. The result is a collection of five beautiful perfumes and six luxurious home fragrances. The Italian passion for quality and style is very well presented in each of the fragrances. They are luxurious and very well executed.
(If you wish to read some of my past reviews of the brand's fragrances: click HERE for Cozumel EDP fragrance review; click HERE for a quick review of Daimiris EDP).

Nirmal EDP is their newest launch, and it can be included in the latest trend of pureness and transparency presented by other brands, such as Lutens, DKNY, Hermès, Issey M., etc... and it could also be easily included in my last article about comforting fragrances.(To read the article mentioned, click HERE). Unfortunately I received the samples after I had already published that article. If you are a follower of my blog, consider this fragrance included in that list.

In Nirmal EDP the idea was to represent or to be inspired by the white color.
At first when I read the brand's description, I imagined a dandelion being blown. I brought from the past, images from my childhood, when I used to look for dry  dandelion florets to blow. I remembered how magical it was to see the little seeds fly away like tiny umbrellas floating on the air. So, that was the first idea of Nirmal EDP for me: Little white perfumed "umbrellas" falling on my skin softly caressing me.
Top notes of carrots bring earthy sweetness at the very first whiff. I also found a hint of lavender, not mentioned by the brand. As the perfume develops, the aromatic-earthy sweet opening is replaced by a very delicate powdery accord, with very subtle notes of black pepper. They are there to enhance beauty without being too peppery. They also bring a slightly woody touch to the perfume.
Although the perfume feels silky and discreet, the images of floating umbrellas faded away, and were replaced the coziness and the tenderness of a wool sweater. The warmth of the wool heating the body...Maybe because I found a peppery touch in the accord? Interesting!

Being silky and able to bring the fresh and the clean sensation of a recently taken bath, but also being able to comfort and bring a cozy fluffy sensation, is  the very reason why I find this fragrance is so brilliant. I add more points concluding that I can wear it a year round, so the Cost versus Benefit equation worth the purchase. 
The brand mentions the word serenity, relating it to the soft tones of the accord. I can't think of a better word to describe the feeling this fragrance brought to me! Remember how serene and peaceful you felt when you were little and you hugged your teddy bear? I guess this is the kind of naivité that comes with this fragrance.  It takes you back to times where everything was peaceful and 100% happy.

As Nirmal means pure/immaculate in the Hindi language, perfumer and brand wanted to create a fragrance that is delicate and sincere like a loving caress. To me it is something more profound. It is more like a loving hug. 
As the fragrance has penetrated deeper in my skin, I found contrasts and duality in this fragrance: silk/freshness peripheral sensations contrasting to fluffy warmth depth (the delicate caress concept, contrasting to the long loving hug sensation). It has the trendy concept of nude, the idea of a white aura, but you don't feel naked. On the contrary, you feel hugged!

As I continued to evaluate the fragrance, I found the iris- violet accord well blended and very Italian. It is a dry delicate accord, without any earthiness nor green accents. It is flowery but nor mellow; it is chic but not snobby. 
Nirmal EDP is not the kind of fragrance that comes with a statement, but it will develop a personal bond between the wearer and the fragrance. "Wear me and I promise you tranquility!" This perfume is certainly a gift that you buy to yourself, and if you receive it from someone, it can only mean that this person wishes you only well and love. 
(HELLO, the perfect gift for this Christmas!).
The dry down is slightly woody, slightly leathery (not so leathery on me unfortunately).
The amber note of all Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrances is very rich, and here it's not an exception.

If you have followed the runways of fashion weeks and the winter/fall collections, you will agree with me that Nirmal EDP goes wonderfully with the collections presented by Chanel and Sonia Rykiel. It will also make an amazing pair with Gucci in white - spring 2010 and spring 2011 collections:

CHANEL - fall 2010/01

CHANEL - fall 2010/02

CHANEL - fall 2010/03

Sonia Rykiel - fall 2010

Gucci - spring 2010

Gucci - spring 2011

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Photo credits: Elle magazine; Chanel; Gucci; Sonia Rykiel; (Henry K.);;; flickr.

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