Friday, October 1, 2010

Leather & Perfumery - PART FOUR

A Rainy gray day today ...perfect for leather scents! The velvety touch, the softness of suede, its liquid warmth  and coziness, hummm! 

Let's continue with our leather fragrances list!


6.English brand HEELEY with CUIR PLEINE FLEUR EDP: very chic, very delicate and exclusively amazing, with notes of violet, heart accacia flower, aubépine, soft suede, castoreum, birch, vetiver and Atlas cedar. 
What can I say about Heeley...everything the do is perfect and beautiful! They have a huge collection of fragrances and each of one is worth every €. This is a very modern leather  composition, with birch and suede, giving us a slightly smoked-smooth leather with an amazing flowery tone of violets and accacia. Slightly green, slightly root-y...slightly animal... Slightly is the word to describe it in many ways,  BUT entirely magnificent! 
You will want your man to smell like that! This fragrance is the potion that turns any man into a gentleman. A perfume for a guy who considers grooming a very serious business, who follows fashion and dresses neatly, and for the type of man with impeccable manners and probably never sweats (LOL). Also for women, who are delicate in the outside, but has a strong vibrant personality in the inside. [For leading ladies only :-)].

You will find all Heeley fragrances at their website by clicking HERE.

your man can be dressed like this:

photo credit: details magazine

But when wearing Heely, he will look always like this:
Handsome & impecable!

photo credit: details magazine


7.French-Dutch brand MONA DI ORIO with CUIR EDP: Oohlala! Mona oh are a naughty lady :-)! With notes of cardamom, absinth, leather, cade, castoreum and resinoid opoponax, this fragrance is urban and sauvage. Dirty and elegant. The notes of cardamom and absinth combining with the leather and castoreum are an invitation to sin. But don't get me wrong: vulgarities have nothing to do with this fragrance! It is super classy!! It is also slightly edible - you do feel like licking the skin...meow! I see wearing it rockandrollers, bikers, lawyers, gentlemen in will suit all men with balls! With a smokey accent - hot, very hot "men on fire". Don't wear it to work, because it is a real love potion. Save it for nights out, dating, hunting...etc...etc... hummm....I need more...Give me more!!!!

To know all about Mona di Orio fragrances, click HERE for their website.

1740 EDP

8.French brand HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS with 1740 EDP: continuing in the path of sensuality, this fragrance has notes of bergamot, davana sensualis, patchouli, coriander, cardamom, ceder, elemi, leather and labdanum. Another patchouli-leather combo that led me straight to heaven! Here, the genius touch is a dark chocolate undertone that makes this fragrance so beautiful, and so roundly maple syrupy and yet animal. Spicied and very pleasant, I keep coming for more. Like most of the fragrances of the brand, once whiffed you are addicted. You will continuously smell your skin... 

As the brand describes it, this fragrance would please Mr. Marquis de Sade very much. Could be...I am having second thoughts about myself too LOLOL! What can I does turned me on! Leathery, syrupy...extremely rich and sensuous.

You can find the fragrances of Histoires de Parfums in their website by clicking HERE.


9.French brand LUBIN with IDOLE EDP: Mastered by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, with notes of rum absolute, saffron, bitter orange peel, black cumin, Doum palm, smoked ebony, sugar cane, leather and red sandalwood, this fragrance was the best sold at Harrod's. Not a a surprise to me because it is simply beautiful!! it is sweet, smoked, spicy and leathery-woody. The flacon is simply amazing. Once you look at it you know something beautiful must be stored inside. The saffron brings a special aura to this fragrance. It is also a syrupy fragrance, but here chocolate and maple syrup are out. The sugar cane molasses with the Grand Marnier touch is not only edible, but very very exclusive.
To read my complete review, published back in August, click HERE.
You will find all Lubin fragrances at their website by clicking HERE.

to be continued... sorry dears...but I really have to go now!

So once again, till I am back...grab a chair, grab your partner, and get confi with leather perfumes...


M said...

Simone, you really do have a nose for what's good. "Cuir Pleine Fleur" is absolutely excellent. I ran into it about a year ago in a wonderful Munich fashion boutique that carries the entire Heeley AND Histoires de Parfums lines; CPF was in instant hit with me: One doesn't often encounter such a clean, modern floral leather. Nice!
And thanks for the tip as regards "Les Nombres d'Or" -- I'm not familiar with it but would like very much to be.
Sweety, have a fragrant weekend.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dearest Michael - I really though of you while smelling Cuir Pleine Fleur!!!

I think you will love Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris and Daimiris by Laboratorio Olfattivo.

Maybe Cuir by Mona di Orio will be too strong for you..let me know!


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