Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Li Edelkoort - Trends - Winter 2011/2012 - cont.

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci
Back to classics, will L'Air du Temps be the most desired flacon? It has doves created by Lalique!
Ego Facto logo - The Peacock
Ego Facto will sell more? After all they are super trendy now, they chose a bird, the peacock as a logo!
According to the brand,"The peacock is a symbol of the elegance of the 17th and 18th century, when people adorned themselves in stunning colors or swathed themselves in exceptional materials. It is also a baroque symbol. The emblem of Louis II of Bavaria. A bit of extravagance. Art and imagination against standardisation. As a result of the 19th century, people today live almost always in black and white.This uniformity is, in my view, apparent in the world of perfume today , on what I call the olfactory streets. Personally I love colour, to be where I’m not expected, to be provocative, to be surprising. I believe in contrast, in the creative richness of ambiguity. I believe that we are all, black and white and grey, sandalwood and citrus at the same time, depending on the moment, on how we feel when we wake up, or who we meet.And I also love anything that leads me somewhere else. Seduction and surprise are close, aren’t they ? So the peacock is the fanned range of all that I will be able to invent and create… the peacock inspires me !The peacock is also the one that spreads its tail, shows its beauty… but with humor.
The newest launch by Avon is a fragrance inspired by nature: "Experience the thrill of nature's true force. Each invigorating note explores the craving for free-spirit adventure and exciting discoveries. Go for it! A fresh rush of sage and lavender leads to a rugged finish of raw suede and warm oakwood. 2.5 fl. oz. "
Suede and warm oakwood gives the sensation of cocooning, righ?
Oak by Bath&Body Works
Tree inspirations - the bird's home! Oak, with notes of: fresh notes of lemon, bergamot, aldehydes and aromatic undertones, pimento, nutmeg, clove, geranium, lavender and orange flower, oak, cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver with warm notes of coffee, sandalwood and musks.
Puma's newest launch: Animagical
Looking at Nature for inspiration and finding animal patters, “Our relationship with nature and animals is going to deepen”, as Li said.

Artisan Black by Varvatos
Interwoven like bird's nests! Hand spun yarns = rattan work like art craft !

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