Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cozumel by Laboratorio Olfattivo - review

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Brand: Laboratorio Olfattivo
Country of Origin: Italy
Perfumer: Marie Duchêne
Gender: more Masculine, but I found it interesting for women too!
The Inspiration: Gathering reflections from a past journey, the nose has infused the olfactory pyramid with some Mexican sun, wafts of aromatic herbs mixed with the intimate smell of men’s skin and the wild smells of a distant island.
Description by the brand: "This aromatic, passionate fragrance oscillates constantly between warmth and coolness. Wild, narcissistic and masculine, it melds notes of fresh tobacco, Indian hemp and velvety wood, offering a light touch on the skin that becomes more distinctive once it has pervaded the senses. It is a truly new way of capturing male sensuality in a perfume."
Olfactive Notes: Bergamot, Vietnamese Basil, Aromatic Notes, Clary Sage, Indian Hemp, Blonde Tobacco, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Incense, Tonka bean.
Sillage: Medium to close range
Fixation: Great
RATING: ♔♔♔♔
♔♔♔♔♔ - Pelorus with Abramovich, smoking Gurkha Cigars
♔♔♔♔ - Le Grand Bleau with Shvidler
♔♔♔ - The Maltese Falcon sailing boat
♔♔ - a plastic boat in the tub
♔ - I got sea sick!
Where you can find the fragrance: Laboratorio Olfattivo, Aus Liebe zum Duft, Galilu.
If you loved this fragrance, you will also love Back to Black by Kilian.
If Back to Black By Kilian was a Sherlock Holmes fragrance, Cozumel by Laboratorio Olfattivo is the tycoon yacht lover perfume.
Back to Black starts with bergamot, raspberry, blue chamomile, coriander seed and cardamom; Cozumel starts with a very fresh aromatic accord of bergamot, basil and aromatic notes. Instant reference to sandy beaches and seashells, with an underline tone of minerals. While By Kilian's fragrance invites you to winter delights, Cozumel takes you where the European jet set goes on their holidays: to a yacht. The fragrance is a pure vision of fancy bikinis, elegant Italian suits & shoes, and luxurious coasts of the Adriatic or Mediterranean sea. Saint Tropez, Mauritius, Larvotto, Budva...
The aromatic, medicinal touch of the fragrance is extended by notes of clary sage and hemp.
Clary sage was commonly used by Romans in their orgies. Added to wine it induced alucinations. Hemp is a variation of cannabis. Combined, both notes give a "relax, you are on vacation" note. Herbaceous, green y and yet slightly spicy and anisated, this accord is very "summery".
Here at + Q Perfume Blog, we don't take drugs or get drunk, but we induce our senses to feel light headed and relaxed with noble perfume notes!!
The warmth of this perfume comes with notes of white tobacco & amber - a rich velvety honey contrasting the freshness of the start. Here, the fragrance tends to be much more masculine due to the tobacco note.
The most expensive cigar in the world
While Back to Black By Kilian presents the tobacco combined with amber, almond and vanilla in the base accord, Cozumel brings the tobacco and the amber to the heart.
I will nick name this heart accord as "The Gurkha notes". Wondering why? Because Gurkha is the most expensive cigar in the world. Not only because it will reflect the luxury of this accord, but also the smoothness.
It feels like the jet set had enough fun during the day with water sports, sunbathing, champagne and paparazzi. The sunset is already coloring the sky with tones of orange and red, and our tycoon will sit down to appreciate it with his best companion - the Gurkha.
temperature dropped down and our JS' are looking for warm clothing. Beautiful suits, silky dresses and expensive jewelry will come along with the velvety notes.
Cozumel EDP differs a lot from Back to Black. One is dense, gourmet, spicy and great for winter. The other is softer, velvetier and sunnier. Could be an option for summer and winter, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create.
Both have a smoky touch. In Cozumel we have incense. In BB we have Oliban, combined with cedar and vetiver. Sweetness for both in the end. BB with almond and vanilla - a pastry touch. Cozumel with Sandalwood and tonka beans, less gourmet, more gentle.
At large the fragrance feels soft and tender on my skin.
To the perfumer the inspiration is a trip to the Mexican beaches of Cozumel. To + Q Perfume Blog is a cruise to Montenegro with Le Grand Bleu! No cocktails with tiny umbrellas, no mariachis playing guitars, no tacos and no fajitos or mojitos. Champagne, Beluga caviar, Italian couture, classic music and velvety fragrances.

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