Thursday, June 17, 2010



The bold and inventive Pierre Guillaume style is further enhanced in each Parfumerie Generale creation by technical prowess, inspired by his background in fine chemistry: a captive ingredient, or one that is totally new, or a unique production process specific to each fragrance. By exploring new process such as "photo-refining” or smoothing olfactory peaks by ultraviolet radiation), his creations are imprinted with a "vibrant" or "melancholic" feel. Because luxury is not a question of excessively using an ingredient and because the quest for uniqueness should not result in overly intellectual fragrances that are impossible to wear, and since contemporariness and provocation do not necessarily go hand in hand, Pierre Guillaume does not merely try to create scents but also emotions as a reminder of how intimate the bond between a person and their perfume is.

Papyrus by Parfumerie Generale owned by Pierre Guillaume is defined by him: "Papyrus...From the Arethuse fountain to the meandering dark waters of Ciane, the elegant sway of intense green plumes..."

Notes: Galbanum, Broom, Mild Plant Note, Mousse de Saxe, Silvanone Supra.

Find all PG fragrances in the brand’s web site. Click HERE.

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