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le 6 Eau de Parfum review

Be my Valentine Fragrance
le 6 Eau de Parfum by Ida Delam
sensual, carnal, rich, Paris chic, wild ecstasy
For intense passion.
Rating: 5 hearts, where:
♥♥♥♥♥ - Inflammable material, call the firemen department!
♥♥♥♥- no wonder you were caught with your pants down...
♥♥♥ - Yeah, I could have it again.
♥♥ - I prefer to hold hands...
♥ - not tonight honey, I have a headache...
Brand: Ida Delam Parfums/ site:
Perfumer: Fabrice Olivieri
Launch: 2009
Gender: unisex
Olfactive family: Oriental
Notes by brand: Almonds, Star Anise (badiane), Aldehydes, Myrrh, iris, violets, musk, vanilla, white amber
Inspiration: Gabrielle Chanel and Chanel Nº5
Description: " Wild ecstasy or sweet dreams? Who cares? It smells so divine!"
Sillage: come closer and get addicted
Fixation: great
CostXbenefit: worth every penny!
photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog personal shots
Ida Delam was always inspired by Gabrielle Chanel and had a dream of creating her own fragrance that would be a tribute to Chanel Nº5. An oriental fragrance with aldehydes, sophistication and with a very, very French touch. Indeed she did succeed by creating le 6 Eau de Parfum. This is a nice reference if you are chic, modern and spirited.
But there is much more into this juice! And juice it is what it really is! A fleshy, sexual, inside the panties juicy perfume.
If you are under 18, please do not continue to read this review!
Sometimes you bump into fragrances that make you blush. Very rare, but they exist. Once Octavian (1000fragrances) mentioned in one of his fantastic articles, that Prend gare à toi by Egofacto was a disturbing perfume. I would agree to that by adding that it is a disturbing sexual perfume. It makes you unease because it feels like sexual intercourse. So does le 6 Eau de Parfum.
A rare combination of star anise, almonds and aldehydes touches you as lusty as an eye to eye contact with the desired lover, with lascivious, sinful and carnal desires to touch you.
I sprayed the perfume on me and asked 5 different gentlemen to kindly smell my wrist. The responses were small naughty smiles on the corner of the lips or comments such as "oh yeah, wear that one! Followed by a laugh". No need to explain what was passing through their minds... What I mean to say is, one defines a fragrance as sensual, when it can bring out a sensual response to it. When it can make you relate to something that is inside of your own emotional awereness.
Notes of herbal and aromatic badiane blends in with milky nutty notes of almonds. Aldehydes deflagrate eroticism, evoking arousal and fantasies. And since fantasies are so personal and self reporting to situations that each of us elaborate according to our own desires, le 6 Eau de Parfum will take your hand and lead you to tight storerooms, offices, to airplane bathrooms, backseats of cars, dark corners of a nightclub, flights of stairs, exotic deserted islands, hidden places in a nocturne Paris, or any place your fantasies took you once.
As in Chanel Nº5, aldehydes play the main hole in this fragrance. And because of the complexity of this raw material, I think I need to make a stop here. Take it as a cold shower to bring you back to perfumery! (LOL)
Anyways, aldehydes are organic reactive compounds in which a carbon atom is double bound to an oxygen atom (carbonyl group), and at least one hydrogen atom is bound to alpha carbon. The simplest form of aldehydes is formaldehydes, a fluid to preserve dead bodies from decay, commonly found in the morgue and high school chemistry labs. Than we have longer chains. The ones we will find in this articles are fatty aldehydes, having between 8 and 13 carbon atoms in its molecular formula. The "Chanel" aldehydes.
C-8 - fatty fruit, citrusy scent of oranges
C-9 - scent of fatty floral roses, waxy odor
C-10 - strong penetrating scent of orange peels
C-11 - citrus, fatty, waxy with a green soapy nuance, herbaceous, violet
C-12 - soapy, waxy, citrus, flowery nuances, grapefruit peel
In a nutshell, aldehydes can bring citrusy sparkling fresh notes, florals and fatty waxy (candle like) notes to a fragrance. Like Luca says, from the morgue all the way into the boudoir (in the book The Secret of Scent).
Anisaldehydes smell like licorice. Those you can find in le 6 Eau de Parfum. The anis scent in the fragrance is a licorice-ish smell. Warm, spicy, woody, herbaceous. Probably combined with heliotropin, with an almond, sweet, milky, vanilla-like, slightly powdery note. Since licorice has also a warm-salty slightly bitter note, when combined with heliotropine and the slightly fatty notes of aldehydes, resulted in an inside the pantie's juice effect.
So you might think I have a dirty mind... maybe. But looking closely to vaginal lubrification (when women are sexually aroused) one will find: water, pyridine & squalene (we don't want those in perfumes!), urea, acetic acid (pungent smell, sour - vinegar like smell), lactic acid, complexes alcohols, glycols, ketones and aldehydes. So I guess I have a point here.
The notes of myhrr are very provocative. They come right after the top notes have developed forward. The fantasy becomes more vivid, more intense. The incense-like nuance is pale, subliminal, but brings some mysterious aura to the perfume, a sort of lack of reality to the perfume. It is the fantasy of bodies connecting, not the real thing. This oriental note combined with the fleshy-fatty notes of aldehydes brings arousal to a corporal bonding. Bodies enlaced, pleasure increased.
Heart beating fast, comes heart notes. In this perfume they are a combination of powdery and flowery notes of violets and iris. (Aldehydes can give the fragrance the green-ish touch of violets).
As iris is a very sensual flower because its shape resembles of a female genitalia, I could not think of a more brilliant accord to this perfume. Here, iris is not giving a talcum effect, but rather violet-like scent, woody, slightly earthy tones. Maybe these notes ad a sort of romanticism to carnal desires. A message that this is not a slutty perfume, but one that expresses the ecstasy of giving and receiving pleasure from someone you really care about.
The dry down comes slowly, unannounced, with a vanilla-musky-ambery accord. The same notes you found since the beginning, plus roundness. The vanilla is rather woody and salty (Bourbon), not like the aroma you usually find in ice-creams and pastries. It is more luxurious.
White musk is sweet, fleshy, soapy and clean. What has started as a kinkier kind of sex, becomes cleaner and behaved. I would have preferred a musk that is more sensual, more wild, animal - more intense. But that would probably drive men totally insane!
Amber here brings one more oriental touch to the fragrance, and the base notes last for hours. They are sweet as a long passionate kiss after salvage encounters. A sort of spooning, holding each other after sex experience.
So, as Valentine's is approaching I cannot think of a fragrance so inspiring as le 6 Eau de Parfum. If you are looking for hot moments this time, by wearing this perfume I doubt you will get to the restaurant. If you are still alone, run fast to purchase and increase the chance by spraying it on you in crowded places!
Besides the tip, I chose a video that brings the aura of this fragrance:
Sexy Kim Basinger and a much younger Mickey Rourke in a very sensual motion picture 9 1/2 weeks.


Dimi3 said...

Now, I want it!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

go to the site and ask for it!!!


M said...

Simone -- I LOVE fragrance posts that,
1) are well thought-through,
2) are well-written,
3) feature a scent I'm not (yet) familiar with, AND,
4) feature the subject of sex/sensuality.
Needless to say, this post fits all 4 categories brilliantly. Thanks!! (I'm going to send this to Gretchen of the "Symphorose Photography & Travel" blog -- she will want to know all about this one!!)
Just a couple of questions:
1) Is this a particularly feminine scent? Or would you say unisex? I don't like categories, and I'd have absolutely no problem wearing a "female" scent if it matched my personality and contained some magic ingredients. But I need to feel comfortable with a scent and feel "like a man". Anyway, if this is "manly" enough, I think I need to have it by Sunday!!
2) What ingredient is it exactly that creates the sex aspect? Is it the anise?
Thanks again!


+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Thank you darling!
Fist thing first: I think it is for both genders but I will check on male skin to confirm. In general I think it is so different than everything I tried that it is hard to put in a gender. But you got me curious! I have to check if it will smell as sexual as it does on my skin...
The olfactive sexual aspect of the perfume is a combination of notes: musk-amber-aldehydes.
If you go back to the post again, you will read where I had the courage to list what you find in a woman's vaginal fluids when sexually aroused, there you will find ketones and aldehydes. They are the trick of this fragrance.
The thing is that you also have to be into this sexual vibe, know what I mean? Fragrances bring out something that must be already there!

Anyways, I am learning to write from you dear!!!

Gabriela said...

Eu amei! Também quero. very sexy, we need thissssss!

xxxxxx Gabi

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

yes, we all do need this!!
sim todos nós precisamos!!!

Nukapai said...

Hehe, "aldehydes play a main HOLE". Freudian? :)

Fun review!

Also - I always find there is a liquorice-note to Myrrh.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...



Freud would blush sweety!

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