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O Boticário Diaries

+ Q Perfume blog is listing fragrances from Brazilian company O Boticário just for you!
3 Masculine Fragrances inspired by Nature:
Launch: 2002
Perfumers: Vêronica Casanova & Carlos Benaim
Fragrance House: IFF
The campaign: "The man will always be in the search for Nature. It is part of his essence."
Notes: Mountain air accord, orange tree leaves, geranium, mint, mandarine, grapefruit, artemisia, sage, green notes, moss, sandal and musk.
Flacon: Transparent glass bottle in the shape of a leaf showing its veins, like a fingerprint, to give the notion of singularity and uniqueness.
Bottle designer: Alan de Mourgues
This fragrance reflects the strong connection the brand has with the preservation of the environment. Arbo means tree in the Esperanto language. The fragrance has the purpose of bringing men to nature, conveying a sense of freedom. The increasing growth of urban centers s taking men away from his contact with nature. So O Boticário wishes men to rediscover nature. The perfumers anted to capture the spirit of freedom and closeness with nature.
Launch: 2007
Perfumers: Olivier Paget
Fragrance House: Mane
Campaign: All forces of Nature for the contemporary man. Created for the man who defies boundaries and seek adventure.
Notes: aspic, lemon, juniper, rosemary, cedar leafs, bergamot, red Italian mandarine, pine, clary sage, lavender abrialis and barreme, saffron, bay leaf, geranium, Mysore sandal, moss, Singapore patchouli, musk.
Flacon: Shape inspired in a mountain with straight lines in copper-brown color with a tree in the middle.
Launched for father's day in 2007, the bottle has a shape that has been explored for the brand for other fragrances. This time the designer choose the color of cinnamon from the trees of the Brazilian forests.
Launch: 2000
Perfumer: unknown at the present moment**
Fragrance house: Symrise
Campaign: For the man who values his roots and origins. The joy and celebration of the Brazilian spirit. A fresh fragrance bringing comfort and relaxation.
Notes: mandarine, bergamot, lemon, basil, hyacinth, damask, fig, tonka, sandal, amber and musc.
Flacon: Deep green multifaceted glass with silver cap.
Designer: Rogério de Oliveira
This fragrance is celebrating 10 years. In 2007 the brand updated the flacon. Although it was launched many years ago, it sells well till today because Brazilian men think it is very updated and a timeless creation.
3 feminine fragrances - the classic, the modern, the sportive:
Launch: 2007
Perfumer: Thierry Bessard
Fragrance House: Givaudan
Campaign: a time of a new era is born, where women can be what they wish to be, choosing a character that fits her the most and that reflects her personality and style. An alchemy of sensations to reenforce the original beauty of every woman.
Notes: freesia, bergamot, mandarine, orchid, iris from Florence, fotabe flower, ashok flower, jasmine, vanilla, sandal noble, cedar, musk, amber
Flacon: round eggplant/red wine glass bottle, inspired by the middle ages poison bottles of witches; castle shaped transparent plastic cap inspired by noble symbols of luxury.
In Royalty, there's a parallel between the medieval and modern to reflect the richness and complexity of different facets of women. The peasant, with wild flowers and rustic woods; the witch with rare flowers and mystic notes; and the queen with noble and luxurious notes.
The perfume Royalty was a inspiration for female characters that marked the medieval ages. In this perfume, Head Space technology was used. It is a technology developed by Dr Roman Kaiser (Givaudan), which captures the smells of biodiversity, with the fresh plant, not uproot it.
Launch: 2002
Perfumers: Karry Fremont & Jean Claude Delville
Fragrance House: Firmenich
Campaign: inspired by the life and artistic work of one of the greatest Brazilian female modernist artists, Tarsila do Amaral. She broke tradition bonds by being bold and determined. For bold, exuberant, involving beautiful women. Modern and ahead of her time.
Notes: pear, mimosa, cactus flower, tangerine flower, peonies, rain forest blue orchid, nectarine, hibiscus, vanilla orchid, dove tree flower, amber, musk, sandalwood and incense.
Flacon: Long glass bottle with Tarsila's art engraved. Plastic cap with rugged texture. The package was inspired by her piece Manacá.
Designer: Leonardo Alves Cordeiro.
Launched to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary, it was created to celebrate beauty and well-being. Created by two excellent perfumers from fragrance house Firmenich, they wanted to capture the essence of the artist, her energy, her charisma and her personality. The fragrance mixes femininity, freshness and elegance.
Although is classified for both genders + Q Perfume Blog considers it feminine!
Launch: 2008
Perfumer: Thierry Bessard
Fragrance House: Givaudan
Campaign: For people who enjoys summer. with relaxation, sensuality and joy.
Notes: bergamot, lime, mandarines, green notes, geranium, solar accord head space tampolo beach, cedar, sandalwood, musk, amber.
Flacon: The packaging of Insensatez Tropical enhances the atmosphere of the freshness of the fragrance. The gradient tones convey the nuances of sunlight, the color of tropical fruit and vibrant rhythm of the most joyous season of the year. Sheet refers to the sensation of a gentle breeze in the shade of a palm tree. A composition that reflects the youthful spirit and engaging scent, so modern and relaxed. Glass bottle with hot sun references and metal cap.
New version of the original launched in 1995. Refreshing notes, combined with florals and creamy notes. Inspired by the energy of summer, its cheerful colors and the spontaneity that is contagious at this time of the year. The Solar Wake note is an Interesting combination of floral and citrus notes radiant contrast with the comfort of sandalwood and notes of creamy coconut, recalling the smell of the beach and tanning.
Head Space Tampolo Beach - It is a fresh floral note inspired by a flower of the lily family originating from Madagascar Masoala Peninsula. Presents a rich and sensual fragrance with base notes of warm vanilla.
** this blog is trying to get this information
photo credits - O Boticário

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