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Miss Charming EDP by Juliette Has a Gun - Pretty perfumes review 01

Juliette has a Gun is a niche brand owned by Romano Ricci with fragrance developments by Francis Kurkdjian. The brand was launched in 2006, and as a true niche brand that is, the collection is small and creative.
Bringing the different facets a woman can develop and the different shades a rose note can compose (except for the last launch - Calamity J., that has no rose in its composition), the collection is presented in pretty flacons - urban, modern, uncomplicated with a retro touch.
Miss Charming EDP is the first fragrance launched by the brand. A fruity floral fragrance unpretentiously pretty, witty and easy to wear. To not expect glamour, but sprinkles of sweetness combined with grace and style.
Olfactive notes: Notes of mandarine, Moroccan rose, litchi,wild fruits and musks.
Rating: ✪✪✪✪ where
✪✪✪✪✪ - Nathalie W.? Audrey H.?
✪✪✪✪ - Sandra D.?
✪✪✪ - Mary Poppins in a white dress?
✪✪ - Maybe if you smiled more... hummm...
✪ - wearing pink does not mean that you're pretty!

Illustration By Bella Pilar
the most fantastic illustrator for pretty ladies
At the first whiff of Miss Charming you somehow see a NIVEA cream pot in front of you. I think it is because the rose in Miss Charming was used in the same way it was in NIVEA. The unforgettable fragrance of the cream was a composition of rose, lilac, lavender, lily of the valley, orange and lemon. But this is very subtle and it vanishes as fast as Miss Charming bats her eye lashes. It also has the same aura of Armani Mania (2004). The same happiness, the same sparkling charm and grace. And coincidence or not, similar inspirations:
“There is no beauty without emotion…”, thus spoke Giorgio Armani about his new creation for women. A delicate fragrance, with a unique, sparkling charm. Concentrated happiness, made for a stylish, graceful woman who knows that nobody’s perfect... including her. Therein lies her force, her sincere charm to which the Italian designer decided to pay homage. (extracted from Osmoz)

So Miss Charming embraces and wraps you with pink shinny silky bows and roses (perhaps peonies too).
"I fell happy, I feel pretty, I fell witty and gay.... I feel charming, oh so charming, it's alarming how charming I la la la...."
Miss Charming EDP by Juliette Has a Gun is Nathalie Wood "Maria" in West Side Story.
Ilustration by famous Helena Buono
Le Tiramisu Anglais & Gastronomie
All this prettiness comes with berries, LOTS of berries. The freshness of youth, the freshness of wild fruits. Our Miss charming tip toes through life. And everywhere she passes by, people smile at her. Litchi is well blended here, but I wished for less.

And our Miss Charming, with her pretty dress & her pretty looks is wrapped in bling bling jewelry and furry coats. The musky furry notes will show up bringing an elegant shade to the perfume. She is ready for another happy sunny day where birds are singing, girls are smiling to her, guys are sending her floating kisses, flowers are blooming....
You can find this fragrance at the prrrrretty site of Essenza Nobile by clicking here
Essenza Nobile provided my with the pretty fragrance so I could smell pretty, witty and gay....

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