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+Q Perfume asked amazing minds!

+ Q Perfume has been asking around perfumers & experts what they consider to be an excellent perfume. Here are some of the answers:

Olivier Durbano site - click here

Olivier Durbano – Olivier Durbano Perfumes – Sincere, gentle and devoted to make women look beautiful:
What I consider to be an excellent perfume: A very personal and essential "skin", like an emotional story, a pure dream, a movie between soul, or mind and body...Something also with memory, in the past and at the moment... and why not to the future. Something that elevates your being, in order to transform life into something better and more beautiful.
Veroprofumo - for the site, click here
Vero Kern – Veroprofumo – A lady with traditional values and contemporary taste!
My own inclination always brought me back to the traditional French perfumery. I wanted 
at any price call my creations in this direction. What I want in a fragrance, it's complexity, 
originality and persistence heady. Besides the technical know-how, this requires imagination, 
intuition and some uninhibited artistic freedom in the accentuation of the notes and the 
choice of components
Pro fvmvm Roma - for the site, click here
Felice Durante – Pro fvmvm Roma - a charming, warm, bright Italian prince:
An excellent perfume is an explosion of feelings, emotions, desires, atmospheres…making us fall into an unique moment of well-being.
Della Chuang - for her blog, click here
Della Chuang – Designer/ now also Writer - Kyoteau Parfum - One of the most creative & cool minds nowadays:
Perfume should be memorable not intrusive;
Perfume should be meaningful not pretentious;
Perfume should smell art not money;
Perfume should evoke emotion with color and shape;
Perfume should be created with love, and a lot of loves.
Palio Fragrances - for the site, click here
Laurence Siena Perfumer – A man who is passionate about his art:
My favorite perfume is based on oils that are subtle and soft. Easy blending of lavender and white musk are wonderful combinations. Base notes of amber or patchouli also work well for me. I enjoy fragrances that have what I refer to as "memory recall."
They can transport you to another "time or place".
Spajá - for the site, click here
Giovanna Kupfer – a woman with a vision, beauty, brains and kindness in one single flacon/owner of Spajá (NYC):
An excellent perfume is the one who speaks to you. In my case I have been wearing Opium by YSL and Private Collection by Estee Lauder for many many years. They are a part of me, of my personality already. I can’t live without them.
Art et Parfum - for the site, click here
Michel Roudnitska – Perfume composer for Art et Parfum - A man who has perfume creation in his genes!:
The art of fragrance composition could be compared to an architectural creation.
What are the main qualities we are expecting from a house?
It has to be "beautiful", "good" (comfortable) to live and "well" built.
We can transpose these 3 criteria in the perfumery field: if a perfume is just beautiful, but with no more pleasure wearing it after a while, and without lasting power because it is not well built, the success will be compromised.
It's quite hard to fulfill these 3 conditions because they are often irreconcilable but when this miracle happens, we get what we call a "great" fragrance, which is for me the expression of excellence!
Tauer Perfumes - for the site, click here
Andy Tauer – Tauer Parfums – He is one of the nicest perfumers in the niche market. A real gentleman with a gifted nose, and a lot of sensibility:
In my words, an excellent perfume is surprising us because it is new and original, it is beautiful because it is well structured, it is changing like a twinkling diamond, because it is composed to perfection with high end raw materials, it is telling us a story because its creator was inspired and the perfume has become a part of the artist.
Leave your own statement here!!! + Q Perfume Blog wants to know what you think!

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