Monday, October 5, 2009

3 perfumes, 3 beauties

Musk Rose
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Narciso Rodriguez for Her
Idylle by Guerlain
Controversial subject. There has been some noise about the fact that some people think they are copies, or at least very similar. Lack of imagination? Following the successful track of one another? These questions does not interest me at all.
In fact is that there is a resemblance in the 3 perfumes: They are 3 delightful fragrances!
I have Lovely and Narciso and to tell the truth, I might have been captured emotionally, by the similarity, but once I started to wear one or the other, I realized that on my skin, they are not that similar.
Today I tried Idylle in a fragrance store and I loved it!
Let's check the olfactive notes provided by all 3 brands:

Lovely by SJP: Nectarine, bergamot, lavender, Patchouli, white narcissus, orchid, White papers, amber, cedar, woods, white musks.
Lovely is a celeb perfume with a real involvement of the actress Sarah Jessica Parker. It has a crispy bubbling opening that is youthful without being too young. It is a charming perfume. It is as chic as a pearl necklace, champagne and white orchids.
The green apple note is very uplifting. Florals are more intense on my skin rather than round notes of amber and musk. Although the brand does not mention peonies and roses in the pyramid, there are certainly there!
Narciso Rodriguez for Her: Rose, peach pulp, gentle amber, patchouli, sandalwood, musk.
This perfume has a great warm, elegant and feminine touch on my skin. It is velvety, classic and extremely strong. Rose and musk are very intense. It feels like Lovely got more mature.
Idylle by Guerlain: Bulgarian Rose, Raspberry Note, Litchi Note, freesia, rose, peony, lilac, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, white musk, patchouli.
Idylle has an astonishing, surprising and amazing opening. A piquant feeling (not sparkling or bubbling) of litchi and raspberry. A greener touch that I enjoyed much better than the 2 other fragrances mentioned above. Not youthful or mature, just glamorous! In my skin the rose and the peonies are less vibrant than the jasmine, freesia and the lily. More points added. The musk note blended well with patchouli and I am happy about it. Less creamy than Narciso, less "jumpy" as Lovely.
The flacons - no doubt that Guerlain's is gorgeous! Narciso is interesting...and Lovely... if it wasn't for Chandler Burr ( giving the back stage info), I would say it is common, does not bring any attention to it (pretty cheap).
If this is worth the Guerlain name...I am not an expert on Guerlain's fragrances. Never reviewed them before.
Debates apart. I am not taking sides, but even resemblance can smell different in different skins and different noses. I loved Idylle because I feel more fluidity. It also reminds me something from my childhood that I have no idea what it is but it feels good (Eventually I will find out and tell you).


Acaislim said...

I like it!


Well, I feel that we need to express our opinions freely in our own blogs. Some friends got strange responses for being honest in their opinions.
So me like it too!LOL

Octavian Coifan said...

I do not find Idylle as a copy of Narciso (that I love). But indeed, there is a slight Narciso note in the background, much an effect. Idylle is a like a Narciso drop into a transparent peony-rose rain (and not so apricot-osmanthus-sweet).
Maybe, if we imagine that one day there would be a transparent, light, summer, sheer version / flanker of Narciso Rodriguez, there are many chances to smell very close to Idylle.


How poetic!
Octavian has such a beautiful skill to write about fragrances. Not to mention that he has so much knowledge. I love his reviews.

Tara C said...

I liked Idylle the best out of the 3 you mentioned - it is the favorite of my BF too. Maybe I will receive it as a gift for Hannukah. :-)

+ Q Perfume said...

I didn't get anything for hanuka...poor me :-(

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