Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Federal Trade Commission USA and Blogs

Dear readers,
I got information from Marlen (Perfumecritic.com) about the new FTC ruling, concerning disclosure of information about the fact that a blog received samples, payments or any benefit to review the products. + Q Perfume blog wants to thank Marlen for bringing the subject up, and sharing with this author.
Although + Q Perfume Blog is based in Sao Paulo - Brazil, I feel that it is important to be transparent about the work presented in here, since my second biggest public is American.
I have the following rules concerning what I publish:
1. I never give negative reviews or hardly confront the opinions of others.
Because I do not waste time with things I deslike.
Because I have a positive posture about life.
Because I respect for other people´s creations.
Because loving or hating a fragrance is rather subjective.
I highlight what I feel it is good (at least for me and my taste) and from there my readers can form their own personal opinions.
2. I am constantly receiving samples from companies (THANK YOU!!!), and I am also asking for samples from the companies that are not voluntarely contacting me. That does not mean I feel obliged to write about them or endorse them. Without theses "gifts" I would not be able to write so much. Who can afford the money and the time to buy more than 200 new perfumes a year?
3. Most of the brands or PR companies sharing informations, press releases and samples with the blog are listed in the end. Sometimes I forget to update it, but since the begining I felt it was important to show them how thankful I am for sharing with me what they believe is good. If I forgot to mention you, please send me an e-mail.
4. None of my reviews, articles or comments has render me any form of financial income. Unfortunately I may say. I would love to have the possibility to have extra cash to invest in more perfume purchases, therefore more reviews. And as a corporate lawyer, I desagree with the fact that financial benefits narrows the freedom of speech and compromises the neutrality, integrity or criticism. You can always tell the brand you will only review the products you enjoyed, if you enjoyed any.
When brands are giving away samples in department stores or malls, they are just giving the public the opportunity to smell the fragrance. That doesn't mean people have to buy it right? Here, the same rule is applied. Do send your samples. You increase the probability of having them reviewed. It is not a promise. It is not a commitment. It is a probability/possibility.
5. Nobody ever asked me to be interviewed, I choose and invite them as I please. But you are more than welcomed to kindly request!
I do send the final draft of my interviews for writen approuval. It is an oportunity to the guests of the blog to be in the spotlight and advertise their work, I gain from having the oportunity to learn with them, and my readers, to read the interviews, everybody is happy!
Anyways, + Q Perfume Blog has the opinions, statements and taste of the woman behind the blog. Like it or not, it is not a democratic space. It belongs to the author. The association of ideas, images or sounds are the result of my background, my experiences and my own self. If you dislike it, send me an e-mail or post a comment.
And yes, it is for the moment a space for free adverting for the companies.
Concerning + Q Perfume Trends & Blends Blog, also mine:
It is a project created to bring updated short releases, fragrance news, latest perfume launches, trends in the industry, fragrance fun and more perfume related issues. So, if you want me to publish your brand, please help with the information!
Send me to simone@maisqueperfume.com all I need to know about your brand.
Fragrant regards,
+ Q Perfume Blog
For FTC click here


Perfume Personalizado said...

Q doido isso!
Espero q agora esteja tudo esclarecido!


Não entendi bem o comentário. VC achou que aconteceu alguma coisa com o meu blog?
Eu só estou aproveitando que o Marlen me comentou sobre a possibilidade de uma nova regulamentação sair, para poder mostrar aos leitores qual é o meu esquema.

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Anonymous said...

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