Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As I am also packing my husband's suitcase, so I can't help telling you what I picked for him to wear. 
Some time ago Shelley Waddington has sent me a sample of one of her most elegant masculine fragrances: L'HOMBRE EDP, which I liked very much. No big news - I do love her fragrances...
The official notes for those who like to read leaflets: Fine aged malt scotch, spices, citrus, dark coffee, Sacred incense, black oud, mineral amber, Haitian vetiver, tree moss, aged patchouli and musk.

Well, if I were to review this fragrance alone, I must say that if you are a man of fine taste who enjoys some classic pleasures, like a fine single malt scotch, a good brewed coffee...and smokey-sensual fragrance...L'Hombre is just for you.
The blend is sensual, very elegant, classic and yet urban, with a fantastic amber-y note. Once the citrusy notes evaporates you get a caramel-golden, smoky complex scent that is at the same time both gourmet and very masculine.
Smelling it on my skin I close my eyes and I smell FALL.
I picture the two of us in a fancy crowded bar (happy hour maybe?). Don't get me wrong. I NEVER drink. I am not into bars that much. But when I do drink, I like a good scotch - and it seems that drinking one in a fancy New York bar will be a must.
You all know I am not very fond of incense notes - here you will find a very accentuated one. But what the hell, it all works and as surprisingly as it may sound, it works for me too.

Shelley has been presenting over the years fragrances that translate her passion, her elegance, her generosity and temperance.
I remembered that once I also said I am not fond of peaches, but Shelley's Pêche Noir is absurdly beautiful. So this is what Shelley does when she does her magic - She makes me love things I never thought I would!

I also have L'Hombre on my arm close to Opardu and guess what? They pair in a very interesting way! So I think this is the first choices for us: Opardu and L'Hombre!

To be continued...

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