Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Central Park in Fall

As you hear the sounds of crunchy leaves, you know fall has arrived. The landscape changes its color to gray-ish skies, orange and red strokes paint the trees, and a brown-ish carpet substitutes vibrant greens. A bit melancholic? Some people might really feel this way during the season. Not to me. I simply love this season more than any other. The soothing sound of the wind rusting leaves; the cuddling warm sensation on my skin, provided by warmer clothes, specially wool scarves; the scent of deliciously hot teas, enriched cakes and cozy rustic meals; the idea that I can wear many kind of fragrances (from the most robust to the most flowery - after all, everything seams to match  Fall)...All that makes me smile! 
This year I am going to have the most special fall of all times. I will be in New York City!
I am counting the days to walk hand in hand with my husband in a orang-y/red Central Park. That is true my dearest readers. I will have the most romantic fall of my life.

While I am packing my suitcase I thought of fragrances to take with me. Every year many launches hit the shelves during the month of September. So, I am going to have many new fragrances to try and many to purchase.  But I am no different than any of you - I carry small samples of fragrances with me during my trips. Small ones to make room for the full bottles I intend to purchase of course, but as tiny as they may be, they are the crucial element to build traveling olfactive memories of the places I've been. Once I am back home, a little whiff of the perfume brings me back to where I visited.

The fragrance I chose for this trip is OPARDU by PUREDISTANCE.
Created by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian, this feminine fragrance comes in a high concentration of perfume oil (32%), with a exuberant bouquet of carnations, tuberose absolute, purple lilacs, jasmine absolute, gardenias with a soft powdery background (more notes to be revealed in the first week of November)
The name and concept of OPARDU are creations of the owner of the brand: Jan Ewoud Vos. Inspired by the romance & opulence of Paris in the 20's, and by the expressive paintings of Kees van Dongen (in particular the illustration for the book Parfums, published in 1945 in a limited edition), OPARDU is described as romantic, opulent and seductive, bringing back the elegance and graceful beauty of the past. Also said to be a reinterpretation of a classic carnation.

The perfume is everything it is promising and much more. 
It is elegantly creamy, cozy and floral. It contains a liquid wish for adventures. A romantic wish to live life and love intensely.
I understand that there is some nostalgia going there in the perfumery world, where today 100s of fruity-floral bubbling perfumes are launched for the masses each year. A modern interpretation of a classic is very handy if you like to stand out a crowd. In this case, I embrace the concept 100%. But these days I am not nostalgic at all. Life in the present is too good to be substituted by idealistic ideas of what my life would be if I lived in a past era. 
OPARDU will follow me to bars, night clubs and fancy dinners in New York City. I will even dare to wear it during the day - in occasions that I will dress fancier. We will both get along perfectly fine :-)

I must also add the most fantastic thing that I just noticed: if you look again to the picture I chose of Central Park, and than look back to the OPARDU's advertising photo, you will see that all the colors match!! It can't be just a coincidence. I think the choice of OPARDU began to me just like it began to Jan - from an illustration. I unconsciously chose to try this fragrance to see if it would work for me during this trip simply by its colors. It inspired me to "fell" Fall. When I opened the vial and tested on my skin, I knew it would be perfect. I need this creaminess. I need this cozy way of saying "you smell fantastic. New Yorkers will spin their heads when you pass". "You will be in a romantic place feeling romantic, smelling romantic & seductively good!"

I think nothing would be more romantic than listening to BH's velvety voice while walking in the park... combined with the sound of the leaves falling from the trees, OPARDU, and my husband saying "You smell so good. I love you"...


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