Thursday, July 5, 2012

The nose & the chef

I have been writing about fragrances while a while now, and it is always a pleasure to scape the borders of the lab, and take a tour in the kitchen.
Many perfume brands offer scented teas, like Miller Harris, Joe Malone, Aftelier, Myia Shinma, etc, etc... well, that is no news. Perfumers cooking? We have seen many projects here involving food recipes and cooking with the nose.

Photo credit: Libertin's facebook 

Scratching the same issue again, today I want to bring you the confitures made by Belgian perfumer Libertin Louison (owner of the brand Technique Indiscrete), offered only in his shop located in Antwerp - Belgium. Yes, I know it is quite disappointing - we are not there, but the reason is that the confitures are always fresh, developed without any conservatives.
Orange Canelle Mint, Tomatoes with Thyme & Basil...each week he prepares a different one to offer his clientele. The quantity is also very limited. Libertin makes 5 to 10 pots every week. Last week while I chatted with him, he told me he was preparing the one with tomatoes. It was such a pleasure to here details while the product was in development!! 
As he explained, the process of making food for him is just like making perfumes. He mix ingredients just like he does in his formulations. 

Photo credit: Libertin's facebook 

This week he is preparing one with beets and red peppers. I will get more details with him and try to update from jar to jar...

Photo credit: TI

Technique Indiscrete also offers scented teas. You will find 03 flavors: Rose, Mandarine and Violet. Mandarine is a combination of black tea, neroli and spices. Rose is a blend of black teas from China and Ceylon, flavored with rose and sprinkled with rose petals. Violet is a chinese black tea combined with violets.

Photo credit: Talchá facebook

I have been drinking lately a lot of blends that I am making in my very own kitchen. It is not that difficult. My mom brought chinese dried roses to me from her trip to China, so I am blending them with Russian black tea. I love the contrast of the strong smoky tea flavor and the delicacy of the rose aroma. Feels like turning this into a perfume. I also bought rooibos tea, and I mixed it with dried lavenders. You can also try, it is really fun. Just make sure all ingredients are organic and free from chemicals, otherwise they are not good for blends.
Last week I did a tour inside Brazilian tea shop called TALCHÁ. They have exquisite tea blends and cool design accessories. So, if you are beginning to enjoy scented teas and you are in São Paulo, it is a good option to start there.
Tomorrow I will buy vanilla pods. I feel like making a gourmet blend. Something with chocolate, oranges and vanilla...

Updating TI's confitures of the week (10.07): Rhubarb and banana

Photo credit: TI's blog

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