Friday, August 5, 2011

Aqua Allegoria Jasminora by Guerlain - fragrance review

The Aqua Allegoria Collection was introduced by Guerlain in 1999, to offer simple formulas that reflect different moods and are inspired by Nature. The latest launch is Jasminora -  a floral, spinning around a fresh delicate Jasmine note. I confess that the only Aqua Allegoria I really liked so far from all Aquas, was Pamplemousse (Grapefruit). But that changed yesterday when I tried Jasminora, thanks to a friend who gave me a tiny sample.

Brand: Guerlain
Origin: France
Launch: 2011
Perfumer: Thierry Wasser
Gender: FEM
Olfactive Family: Floral Jasmine
Type: EDT - Special collection Guerlain
Olfactive Notes: Bergamot, jasmine of Calabria, freesia, cyclamen, galbanum, muguet,    musks and amber-y notes.
Description by the Brand: " The spirit of jasmine and a note of freesias. A stroll at twilight. Be enraptured by the sensual aromas of jasmine. And fall under their spell".
Sillage: One has to come closer to really feel that beauty!
Fixation: Medium/said by the brand to be concentrated
When to wear: Always you feel like it
Range: 125ml EDT
Where to find: Guerlain, Sack's, Sephora etc...
Could pair with: L'Abeille's honeyed notes

How would delicate nymphs smell like? Their skin perhaps would have the smell of amber. The lips, the smell of honey and cyclamens. The hair, the smell of jasmine. The breath, the smell of lilies.
In a nutshell, the smell of Aqua Allegoria Jasminora!
Last year I had the pleasure to visit Takasago for one entire day, and one of the most beautiful memories I have from that day was to open a bottle of cyclamen oil. So delicate, so feminine, so transparent! It is my favorite flower and the national flower of Israel.

Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog

Jasminora starts slightly green-y and flowery at the same time. Not the greens of the fragrances I mentioned in my last article, but the green of a flower pedicel (the part of the plant that holds the flower). It has a slightly lemony undertone, typical of crushed green parts of plants, like when you crush lemon blossoms pedicels in the hand.
Its jasmine is not opulent or hypnotic, nor sensual. It is a naive jasmine, with a honeyed nectar that makes it very natural. It is a Guerlain signature fragrance, signed with watercolors, as if every note was tuned down, watered to be delicate. The combination of muguets, freesias, amber and musk might bring you the idea of a heavy powerful perfume, but Guerlain mastered it to be like a veil, like a quick tickle to make you smile.
If Nymphs were for the Greeks, personifications of Nature's activities, I am positive Guerlain designed this fragrance for us to feel like flowers, therefore Nymphs.

One more thing to add - Guerlain mastered to do what François Demarchy did not with Escale aux Marquises! Bravo!!!


Henrique said...

It seems that you were inspired when writting that review don't? I loved it. I can share a part of my decant if you, just let me know if you want more :)

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