Friday, February 25, 2011

Back to Track!

My trip to the Holy Land was somehow the best thing I could have possibly done in the last 05 years of my life. It was long. 40 days of holidays sounds a lot. But the truth is: it was not enough!
I know that my absence has a price. Many perfume launches were missed, many projects were unfinished in the end of 2010. The mess is pilling up on my desk and I am finding a hard time to enter back to my routine. What to do first? Go back to my messy files well hidden in my Mac and start with the most difficult things ( that I was reluctantly avoiding for the past 20 days), or start writing my articles about my fragrant experiences in the Holy Land?
The best choice I think it is to give the blog a sense of continuity and start from where I left it, and let the fresh memories of my holidays settled down a bit.
Anyways, I hope this year I will be able to continue to share my passion for fragrances with the same intensity and quality that I have been doing for all these years.
Let's open new flacons! Let's plunge into new fragrance concepts! Let's celebrate the past and perfume history.

Welcome again to + Q Perfume Blog.  The journey will be amazing this year of 2011!!

XX, Simone.

1 comment:

Cymbaline said...

Welcome back. Yes, let's get started!

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