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Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons - fragrance review

Wonderwood EDP by Comme des Garçons - review

Launch: 2010
Perfumer: Antoine Lie

Gender: unisex - + Q Perfume Blog thinks it is Masculine by nature.

Olfactive family: Woody- spicy

Olfactive Notes: Madagascar Pepper, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Somalian Incense, Cashmeran, Cristalon, Pashminol, Guaiac Wood, Cedar, Caraway, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Carvi grains, Javanol, Oud, Vetiver.

Description by the Brand: "An evocation of exuberance. A positive overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood constructions (Wood gone mad)".


Silage: Good

Fixation: Good


✬✬✬✬✬ - impecable woodenness!
✬✬✬✬ - heavenly good.
✬✬✬ - good for lumberjacks that I would not date at all.
✬✬ - burn that wood now!
✬ - use the chainsaw to cut my head off, so I don't have to smell this!

You can find Comme Des Garçons fragrances at Essenza Nobile web site by clicking on the brand's name.

Created by avant garde Japanese fashion designer Rei KawaKubo, Comme des Garçons has an exquisite approach to its fragrances. Most of their perfumes present unusual fragrances in their compositions, such as sand dunes, nail polish, burn rubber, Acajou, Karo Karoundé, Magma accord, etc... If you love woody perfumes, also fancy-trendy-hard to find brands, Comme des Garçons is for you. (Also, they have a vast array of wood scents)
Wonderwood EDP is exactly what the name suggest: a wonderful woody fragrance! A thick wood trunk with wet , earthy roots. The opening is very dry and spicy, with delicious notes of Madagascar black pepper, combined with a pinch of the sweetness of nutmeg, and a slight freshness of bergamot.

Two elements bring fun to this perfume: the note of Somalian frankincense, which adds a burned scent to the woods, and the combination of natural and synthetic fragrances Javanol, Pashminol and Cristalon - 03 compounds created and trademarked by Givaudan, Javanol has a creamy sandalwood note, with a rosy twist. Pashminol adds the same notes as Javanol, with a balmy treat. And Cristalon adds a rosy, plum-apple accent to the fragrance. The flowery-fruit connotation here is subliminally. It brings a extra sheer effect to the fragrance.

Somali frankincense is usually composed by a number of natural plants, extracts, oils and resins. Burned for religious purposes, the Somali incense (luubaan) is made of golden frankincense and myrrh, and it has an aromatic, balsamic fragrance. (you will find this note also in IDOLE by Lubin - by the way, a much better fragrance than this one).

Rooty, burnt, fruity-floral, but in essence extremely woody, Wonderwood EDP is the sexy lumberjack fragrance. As natural and synthetics are the opposite, so is fire and lumberjacks to wood forests! And that is exactly what makes this fragrance interesting! In fact, from the development to dry down nothing new came along. Pretty known and found in many other fragrances, the notes of vetiver and cedar tend to overtake the entire base.

You will find patchouli, Oud and other delicious scents in the composition, adding a sensual touch to this perfume, but do not expect extreme luxuriousness.

If you ever had fantasies about getting lost in the woods and finding a sexy sweaty muscular lumberjack out of nowhere...well, probably would never happen in real life! (unless you live in Canada...than maybe....). But once you spray Wonderwood on your skin, you will definitely encounter Mr. Wonderwood, the lumberjack. 

+Q Perfume Blog has brought here in the past sexy cowboys, spies, skiers, mariachis, jet setters, etc...but sexy lumberjacks? This is the ultimate fantasy!
...And checkered lumberjack coats and patterns is always on fashion! (If Ryan Goslin can...why can't you, right?)

So + Q Perfume Blog once more combines exclusively the look with the fragrance:

But careful. Choose what to wear. We are looking forward the urban chic lumberjack, not a hillbilly look.

Go jog in the lost woods near your home. Maybe you will find that gorgeous man cutting wood shirtless. If not, spray Eau des Forêts Wonderwood EDP by Comme des Garçons on you and daydream!

And just to have some fun today, since it is still Monday afternoon...

Monty Python's lumberjack song - click HERE

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