Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MADly in rose & Pillow Talk

To SP who I never met in person but pillow talked with many times.
There were times when a man and a woman met in real life. A time where facebooks, virtual sex and J dating did not exist. A time when movies had romance, a touch of comedy and naivité, instead of steaming 100% exposed sexual intercourse. I can't say I miss those times, because I was not even born in the 50's, but I do love to watch old movies at TCM.
Pillow talk is one of my favorite romantic comedies of all times. The first movie starring the lovely pair Rock Hudson & Doris Day was about two neighbors that had nothing in commom but a shared a party line. Jan (played by Doris) was an interior decorator who starts to get angry by the amount of time her neighbor Brad Allen (played by Rock Hudson) spent over the phone chatting with women. Specially because he was a composer, who sang a supposedly love song just written for them, to ALL of them, just changing each time the name of the new victim of his charms. As they develop a huge fight due to this line sharing, they meet at a nightclub, and Brad pretends he is a Texan guy called Rex. They continue to talk/fight over the phone as neighbors, and Brad suggests that Jan is jealous of his popularity. She brags about Rex to her neighbor and all the fun begins.
Pillow talk is a delicious comedy that brings the romantic times when a man and a woman would speak for hours, and flirt for days before jumping to bed.
As I sprayed Rose Absolue Parfumée by Annick Goutal on my wrist this morning, the first thought that came up to my mind was "this is a perfume that smells like a romantic comedy from the 50's!" WOW! This perfume is from the times when Rock Hudson was every women's fantasy and still in the closet holding a pink pillow!" LOL
Rose Absolue was created in 1984 by Annick Goutal in a composition of 06 different roses.
This soliflower perfume was relaunched as Rose Absolue Parfumée, in the brand's new collection Rose so chic!, composed by 03 fragrances: Rose Absolue Parfumée, Quel Amour Eau Parfumée and Rose Splendide Eau Parfumée.
The new "remake" is a lighter version of the original, composed by Moroccan, Bulgarian, Turkish, May, Egyptian and Damascenean roses.
I am not particularly crazy about Rose fragrances with very little exceptions, but this perfume is so vintage, so oldie but goodie, that I thought it was worth reviewing.
I read the description offered by Osmoz as a "timeless" fragrance. Well...really?
The perfume brings a lot of the pinkish aura of the feminine world. It does make one wonder why we don't pillow talk anymore. When was the last time a man brought you roses... or why men does not dress neat anymore.The start is not my favorite, but as the fragrance settles it does become a beautiful bouquet.Tea rose is my favorite note among all others. if vintage is a way of calling something OLD without being rude...well, this fragrance is vintage for sure.
Vintage but fun!
You can find Annick Goutal fragrances at Essenza Nobile that kindly sent me this sample.
To catch a glimpse at pillow talk, click HERE.


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Hi Simone! Just popping in to wish you a shana tova and a g'mar chatima tova! Hope you have a tzom kal.


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You to sweetest one!! I hope you have an amazing year, full of joy (honey) and fun.
Gmar hatima tova to you too!!

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