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Idole by Lubin - Review

Idole EDT By Lubin - Review
Launch: 2006
Perfumer: Olivia Giacobeti
Gender: + Q Perfume Blog thinks it is for both genders
Olfactive family: oriental-woody
Olfactive notes: Rum absolute, bitter orange peel, black cumin, sugar cane, saffron, burned ebony, Doum palm, leather, red sandalwood.
Inspiration: Ancient maritime spice routes; a modern interpretation of the perfume of 1962.
Description by brand: Set the jungle on fire, with a woody liqueur rich in scorching spices, as sweet as sugar cane and as warm as leather.
Description By + Q Perfume Blog: SYRUPY, WARM, CHIC, AMBER-y
Silage: Good
Fixation: Great
Rating: ✪✪✪✪✪♥
✪✪✪✪✪ - A must have for all of us! Simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
✪✪✪✪ - A great perfume, pure beauty.
✪✪✪ - Nice and wearable.
✪✪ - I sampled but would not buy it.
✪ - yack!
It is said to be a modern interpretation of the original Idole launched in 1962.
Idole by Lubin 1962
The first whiff is medicinal, very aromatic, with a pinch of cloves (not listed as a component of the accord). A woody touch comes with it and it is perceived from the start.
Máximo Rum
The alcoholic note of rum is inebriating. As rum is a fermentation of sugar cane molasses, aged in oak barrels, these aromas added to the composition a sweet, woody, round and warming touch. Bitter orange peel was added (commonly found in Grand Marnier, neroli oil and orange flower waters) so the perfumer brought a citrusy-flowery tonality to the fragrance; more flowery than citrusy. Top notes are wonderfully rich, sensual and very luxurious. Just for them it is already worth buying the perfume!
Although Black cumin is less perceived to my senses (unless it is similar to clove aroma), I have to confess I have never seen black cumin, only the regular one, and I didn't find a single trace of it in this perfume, or even something similar to it.
The addition of saffron notes is an amazing touch. A real gift Olivia Giacobetti has given me.This Mediterranean touch is simply genius! As I find it very hard to believe that there is a single Brazilian child that has never tried Rapadura (a sweet made of sugar cane molasses), it will be perceived and very much loved.
RAPADURA - hard sugar cane molasses
Rapadura is found in Brazil in markets and sugar cane farms. It is a home made sugar treat, and it means rapa = scrape, dura = hard. Something that it is hard as a brick, but once you put in your mouth, it melts slowly, bringing all the burned sugar taste to the tongue. It reminds of brown natural sugar.
The aroma of rapadura is very strong in this fragrance. You can't miss it! Really AMAZING!
But back to saffron... Saffron contains a lot of carotenoids mixed with safranal. This combination brings the special scent of the fragrance. Honey and grassy at the same time, the saffron note is well combined with the alcoholic notes of rum, the flowery touch of the bitter orange and rounded by the rapadura note. And this is a gourmand joy for everyone's senses. Not just for us Brazilians!
Slaves brought from Africa, to work at the sugar cane plantations
Colonial period - Brazil
The African continent is present, both in the juice and flacon. But we, the Brazilians, will relate to this fragrance as something very close to our own culture & history.
Idole by Lubin brings the aura of old sugar farms from the Brazilian Colonial Period. A time where we were a colony of Portugal and Spain and we had slaves working in agriculture.
We all feel disgusted by any kind of slavery, specially due to prejudice of color and race and all the humiliation involved. But my association with this period of our history is not to the suffering and cruelty, but to the fact that Brazil received from the Africans, the culture of Candomblé, Capoeira... the beat of drums, the richness of their ethnic dances and art craft.
Africa is mysterious, exotic, live and exciting! Brazilians absorbed all that.
Once the heart notes fade away, the leather, the woods and the sweetness of sandalwood announces more heat and more sensuality.
The houses of the farm owners, in large sugar cane plantations, had large doors and windows made of heavy wood, and also beam on the ceiling. So today, once you enter to a colonial farm house, you smell the scent of the wood, combined with the smell of the heavy leather sofas and chairs. Idole by Lubin has all that!!!
I must say that this is a fragrance that everyone has to have. The house of Lubin has created one of the most beautiful warm perfumes I have ever known and I am very grateful to them!!!


Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! I hae a sample but I haven't tried it yet. I can't wait.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...


Henrique said...

I'm happy that you've loved it :) To me, it's one of the best creations of Giacobetti, where she shows how is possible to master intense notes to give life to a cozy creation that can be worn during all year. If i'm not wrong, I wore this one on the last xmas, and it was hot that day, but the fragrance managed to keep it voice at a acceptable level.
Oh, that run bottle is more beautiful than a lottle of fragrance bottles! I got curious to try it just because of the bottle lol

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

It is indeed a marvelous perfume

Anonymous said...

Late to the review but having just decanted some all over myself (grins) I have to say that it is one of my very favorites. The only thing I don't like about it is if I get it on my hair or clothing and not on my skin, I "miss" the lovely drydown as the top notes stick around on hair or clothing... though quite nice, it's even more lovely to experience top-middle-base on this one.

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