Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Candle selection - amazing fragrances!

+ Q Perfume Blog has selected for you wonderful scented candles. The fragrances are a treat to the senses and they bring a very special atmosphere for your home or office.
Le Labo's Santal 26 - 100% soya base
Le Labo scent candle collection offers 07 fragrances: Anis 24, Calone 17, Cedre 11, Figue 15, Petit Grain 21, Pin 12 and Santal 26.
Santal 26 is an elegant aristocratic fragrance. Leathery, rich and smoky with a modern glass - like a lab vial.
Amourelle Figue Patchouli
Amourelle Paris candles are made in Grasse - France, following the principles of aromatherapy and the tradition of French perfumery. With 12% of perfume, those candles are soft and sophisticated. The collection has 05 different scents: Figue Patchouli, Orchidée Noire, Tubéreuse Noire, Lilas Rose, Bergamote and Gardénia.
Figue Patchouli is a rich scented candle inspired by sunny notes of the Mediterranean summer. A mix of patchouli leaves, black fig, yellow mimosas, redcurrant, black currant and green leaves.
The Hype Noses offers a collection called Urban candles with :Rose Antique, Grande Bourbon, L’Arbre Guide, Fig Arrow, Banana Kiss, Cheminée, Blanc Désir, Thé et Kimono, Pain de Vienne, Violette Opéra, Narcissisme, Masque Africain, Pyramide de Jasmin, Haricot Magique, Chococaïne, Cerise Chérie, Epices en Stock, Mon Bel Oranger and Art Maniac.
They also have what they call a wooden wick, that is an scented flat bar. Once you light it, it spreads scent without emanation of smoke, and emits the noise of a crackling of a fireplace too, creating a very distinguish atmosphere.
The brand has an elegant wax made of soya and palm, which is creamy and dense with a subtle fragrance. It is a luxurious fragrant way for closing envelopes and decorating gifts and papers. Chococaïneis a scented candle with the fragrance of pure bitter cocoa for purists. It is a work on the beauty of the bean and its qualities. Boiling black chocolate. A dark, tender, powerful shamanic journey.

Hervé Gambs - Black Cashmere XXL Limited Edition

Hervé Gambs has a collection of 07 scented candles: Lait de Palme, Fleur D'Eau, Souffle de bambou, Yuzu Tonic, el d'Osmanthus and Aqua Ginger. The most chic of them is his limited edition - Black Cashmere XXL. Slightly woody with a touch of skin like scent.

Elixir by Penhaligon's

The line of fragranced candles offered by Penhaligon's has 15 scents. Created by Olivia Giacobeti in 2008, Pelinhaligons' candle Elixir has notes of: Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Orange Blossom Absolute, White Cedar, Red Turkish Rose Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Cinnamon Leaves, Mace, Rosewood, Benzoin, Tonka beans, Vanilla, Incense, Red Sandalwood and Guaicum Wood. Elixir opens with eucalyptus and the harmonising hot spices of cardamom, cinnamon and mace. The heart notes massage the senses with the dark magic of Turkish rose and jasmine and a twist of orange. Heat and smoke rise from the base and incense and woods mingle with the earthy resins and spices. A touch of vanilla and the hypnotic Tonka bean complete the atmospheric dry-down. Opulent and daring, mysterious and complex, Elixir echoes Hammam Bouquet, created by William Penhaligon in 1872.


Henrique said...

Wish I could burn scented candles at home, but my mom don't let me :( I'm curious about the new Lush organic candles. Especially about the one that has the aroma of Vanillary, one of my favorite vanilla frags. I'd love to have my house perfumed with that creamy vanilla and burnt toffee aroma!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Hummm I would eat that thing!

M said...

Simone, I didn't even know that Le Labo did candles. But mmmm, I can seriously imagine loving a Santal 26 or Oud 27 candle. Bliss!
So what are you wearing right now, sweety?

+Q Perfume Blog said...

This week I gave myself a treat:

Heely fragrances!!!

I think you would love them!


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