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Ormonde Jayne signature scents - Ormonde Man

To my beloved husband!

Range: Eau de parfum, essential bath oil, bath & shower cream, body lotion and candle.
Launch: 2004
Perfumer: Linda Pilkington
Gender: Masculine
Olfactive family: Oriental-woody
Olfactive Notes: Juniper berry, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, coriander seeds, Oudh, black hemlock, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and musk.
Inspiration: A wish to make a signature perfume that would be a woody perfume. Linda Pilkington found hemlock, a precious luxurious wood. The trial of Socrates and his suicide drinking a poison hemlock based drink.

Rating ✪✪✪✪✪♥
✪✪✪✪✪ - I will kill MYSELF if I don't have it!
✪✪✪✪ - The smell of Greek Gods.
✪✪✪ - Sophist, but inconclusive.
✪✪ - a sentence of death.
✪ - poison me not!
(Please check Wiki for Socrates' judgement and suicide, if you are not understanding the rating system!)
Description by the brand: The most sophisticated fragrance of the brand, despite its unconventional ingredients. Complex and full of character, sultry and mystical, the fragrance exudes soft woody notes, but it is the infusion of Oudh oil, the world’s most prized essence since time immemorial, that sets it apart, elevating the scent to one of true distinction.
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: LUXURIOUS, VELVETY, WARM, SMOOTH, WOODY.
Silage: Great and polite.
Fixation: Amazing/Over 24 hours.
You will find Ormonde Jayne fragrances at: OJ website.
photo credit: Nathan Branch**
The opening of this fragrance is absolutely gorgeous! Pink pepper is always a delightful touch of Ormonde Jayne creations. Linda really knows how to bring out all the beauty of this note and unveil facets that are a joy to my senses. Slightly fruity, slightly sweety and dusty, with pinch of woodiness. As I wrote in one of my previous reviews:

photo credit:
"Pink peppercorn comes from a Brazilian plant calledschinus terenbinthifolius or from the Peruvian Treeschinus molle. Although sold as pepper because it has a pepper-like taste, it is not a real pepper (piper). In perfumery it is rather floral with fruity notes. The fragrance of pink pepper is very delicate. Some perfumes can have a real special aura due to pink peppers, such as Ta'if by Ormonde Jayne, which has a brilliant pink pepper opening (combined with saffron and dates) and Champaca, also Ormond Jayne's, with a luxurious accord of pink peppers, neroli and bamboo."
Here in Ormonde Man was combined with a fresh-fruity touch of bergamot, and the spicy tickling note of cardamom and juniper, mixed with the soapiness of coriander.
Cardamom is a very interesting note. It has a minty freshness, with less icy sensations. In natura cardamom has the a scent that reminds me of ginger mixed with back pepper and a hint of mint. Also, coriander seeds in natura, fresh from the garden has a soapy smell when you crush it.
The combination of all notes in Ormonde Jayne is the olfactive translation of a flirty smile! You see that gorgeous Ormonde Man and you can hold yourself, so you give him a huge flirty smile. ;-)
The heart of the perfume is composed by a combination of woody notes of Black Hemlock and Oud. Oud - An exotic middle eastern note, most commonly called AGARWOOD, (Oud is the name in arabic) has been explored by many niche brands.
The oil extracted from the trees are very important to Islamic and Buddhist religions and it was an important component to create incense used by Japanese traditional ceremonies.
The raw material is obtained when the wood of the tree is infected by parasite fungi or mold. To protect itself, the tree produces the resin. The process is slow, therefore this perfume component is expensive. The quality of an Oud oil depends on the quality of the Agarwood from which it is extracted. The oldest and most resinated agarwood will yield the rarest and most precious Oud oil. The aging process enhances the fragrant aura of the Oud resin and intensifies its aromatic value.
And how does it smell? Expensive!! It is a sultry touch for any perfume, but here in Ormonde Jayne it s just a confirmation of what we all know: Ormonde Jayne is a luxurious brand, using costly raw materials of high quality in the perfumer's creations. Linda's vision of a man, in my opinion, is someone gentle as her top notes, with deep feelings, translated by the deep woody resinous earthy Hemlock and Oud. The man has both feet on the ground! Vetiver and sandalwood are rooty-earthy. The fragrance is woody and velvety. It penetrates the skin and involves the soul. It warms the heart and brings a sense of comforting.
Linda's Omonde Man is gentle, classy, with both feet on the ground, so he also brings to his ladies a sense of secureness. He will hold his lady, embrace her, and make her feel special and provided, thus Oud grounds inner being. It also has a mysterious facet in the note, just like hemlock. Our gentleman will hold and support, will love and be present, but you will have to mature the relationship to read him better. He is not obvious, he is not a cliché of a gentleman. Ormonde man is my favorite masculine perfume of the brand and it does reflect my preference in men.
The base of Ormonde Jayne is something to long for. Once the heart is fully developed, you keep wondering what will come next to delight your senses. Dry down is smooth. A caress on the skin. It lasts for a long time, so you will fully enjoy every aspect slowly. Again, our gentleman is not obvious, it will take time to get to know him. Slowly you will develop a deep, long lasting relationship. Ormonde Jayne is not a summer fling, our a tempestuous passion. It is pure love.
My Ormonde Man is Hugh Jackman in a gray 3 pieces suit!
To read a delightful review of Ormonde Man by Nathan Branch, please click HERE.
For the best interview with Linda, by Nathan Branch click HERE.


M said...

Simone -- I missed this post while I was away in dreamy Mykonos, so I'm doing a little catching up with my fav blogs. And what can I say? Of course you'd love Ormonde Man, and of course you're spot on when you say it smells expensive and classy; that's it. I love this stuff; one of the best juices out there for a classy guy.
Is it your husband's signature scent? I saw that you dedicated the article to him, so I'm kind of assuming so. Great taste is all I can say! (The fragrance, that is, though I'm sure it applies to hubby as well!)
Hope you're having a good weekend,

Have you sampled Opus II yet? You previewed it here -- in fact, you broke the news for many of us, I believe -- but I'm not sure if you'd had a chance to sample it back then. Well? Is it as brilliant as I can imagine it being? If it can match its description, then it could very well be an instant fav; we'll see!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dearest, how I envy you...all these trips to Greece! I wonder when I will get there again...
Anyways i dedicated to my husbbie because we had our anniversary and his b-day. He loves OJ, but I receive so many perfumes that the poor thing is my lab rat. Hard to let him wear only one.
I am thrilled to read your blog and see the amazing photos-comments you share with us!
Huge huge kiss darling and you too, have a great weekend!!!

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