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Nuda by Nasomatto - fragrance review

Nuda Perfume Extract by Nasomatto - review
Launch: 2010
Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri
Gender: Feminine
Olfactive family: Floral
Olfactive notes: Jasmines
Description by others sites: "Nuda is the latest creation in Alessandro Gualtieri's project Nasomatto. The fragrance invites you to undergo the unexpected tranquility of giving up oneself without concern for boundary, and to sense the hazy intuition of a depth that undoes distance. It’s a result of a quest to find a vanishing point in nature, the translucence of our senses, nude desire. It is Alessandro Gualtieri's intention through the project Nasomatto to share his personal passion for perfumes and enhance your awareness of the impact of your olfactory senses. It's what Alessandro does, thinking up raw materials, situations and accords that he would like to have available as perfumes."
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: DOLL SMELL, FEMINE, SURPRISING
Silage: good
Fixation: good
Rating: ✿✿✿✿
✿✿✿✿✿ - I would undress to get one if necessary!
✿✿✿✿ - A DOLL RABLE!
✿✿✿ - yes, plastic...but naked??
✿✿ - I don't play with dolls anymore!
✿ - plastic doll from sex shop, go get naked by yourself!
You will find all Nasomatto fragrances at Essenza Nobile (click on Nasomatto to get to the site).
There are more than 200 species of Jasmine worldwide. Did you know that?? WOW! God gave us a lot of gifts huh? (Jasmine means "a gift from God").
Jasminum Sambac comes mostly from the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka and it is important in wedding ceremonies, used as an adornment (corsages and crowns), as a welcoming gift (garlands) and drank as tea. They are strongly scented flowers, with an indolic, animalistic hypnotic effect.
Jasmine grandiflorum, or Spanish Jasmine, is also widely used in many perfume compositions. It is less hypnotic, more subtle, but sweeter-frutier, and known to have calming and aphrodisiac properties.
Jasmine in perfumery can be used in the form of oil, concrete and absolutes. Sometimes they are very dense, very sweet and very narcotic; sometimes they are greener. Loved by perfumers and not by their pockets, Jasmine is one of the most expensive note in perfumery.
Nuda by Nasomatto is a very strong jasmine perfume.
It starts with a whiff of a note of Jasmine that reminds me summer nights in a friend's farm, in Brazil. Sitting after dinner outside at the porch, looking to the emptiness of the horizons, the stars blinking on the sky (promising another sunny day in the next morning)... and those beautiful and narcotic fragrance of the jasmines growing insanely, and spreading all over the place...made many summer nights, scented pictures to be forever remembered! They also have planted the climbing species - polyanthum, that would go from the porch to our bedroom windows. Simply heavenly.
So I closed my eyes, and my skin was smelling just like one of those happy nights from my childhood. Also back to my childhood, I found in Nuda, the doll hair note!
Introduced by my dearest friend Henrique, the doll hair, or simply doll note, is what it is: the smell of a plastic doll. (I hope he hasn't trademarked already this name, beacause I wish to use it a lot...).
Once the jasmine + pollen note spreads on the skin, it develops to a path that it is simply every little girl's dream - Doll land! That sweet, warm, delicious smell, hidden in my far far away (not that far...I am not so old...) came so bright, so surprisingly glorious to my senses that I could not stop smiling.
And since perfumes are a living thing, always developing and in movement, I could not avoid to relate to the most famous doll face ever: Shirley Temple. Actually she did licensed her face to the doll industry according to WIKI.
Nuda is a Shirley Temple perfume!
And to my delight, I found an older Temple, blooming in pink beauty, just like Nuda!
And also to my reader's surprise - my nickname in College was "barbie doll". So can you think of a better perfume for this editor? I even have Temple's golden hair-locks!
Nuda is very feminine, and not for children, don't get me wrong here. It is a seductive perfume. What I meant to say is that it has the playfull aura of dolls, it has that pink-ish aura ...but it is a perfume for powerful ladies. The ones that will make you tap dance after one single kiss!
To watch Shirley Temple dancing & singing, click HERE
To Essenza Nobile staff - have a dolly kiss for sending me this pinky treat!

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