Monday, November 23, 2009

The best was saved for last! Christmas count down!

As Christmas is approaching, + Q Perfume Blog decided to start publishing articles and reviews that were saved for the end of the year. Yes, the best was saved for last!
So we will have a series of special articles such as reviews of fragrances I received from perfumers, best fragrances for the holidays, best x-mas gifts, images etc...
It was a great year for this blog. Many off-blog events attended due to the success and professional quality of my work, many perfumers and brand's public relations started to pay more attention to the blog, many e-mails with questions and compliments were received.
This year I decided to give you more than cute little holidays home made films! We will have a month of fun!
While you are preparing yourself to the holidays and to the parties of this season, stop here to relax, to get ideas for X-mas and Hanukah gifts, or to find out more about the fragrances and scents that make this time of the year so special.
In a few words: All I want for Christmas is you!!!I want you here with me, commenting, giving ideas for other readers, getting inspired. After all, this blog is for you!!
Christmas song that says exactly what I wish for this year!!!

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