Monday, November 30, 2009

Amethyst by Olivier Durbano - review for X-Mas

The best was saved for last!
Olivier Durbano - Amethyst
A very chic exclusive perfume
for a very trendy lady.
Olivier Durbano is one of the most gentle perfumers I met in 2009. His fragrances are very unique and the gift set he has sent me back in September took my breath away. I asked for tiny samples and he made the kindest gesture to send me the perfume bottles. I can't thank him enough!
He is a young french designer with a passion for gem stones, and has been creating exclusive and contemporary jewelry to enhance the beauty of his clients. His work, in my opinion is breathtaking.
His collection Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes are also presented in the form of liquid art. Beautiful exclusive fragrances that were inspired by the crystals he works with.
Amethyst, the second fragrance of his collection was by far the one I loved the most. And believe me it was hard to choose one to review! If I will have time next year I will try to cover the whole collection.
Olivier chose the amethyst, a talisman against against poison, drunkeness and bad luck in ancient times to create a beautiful fragrance.
With notes of: bergamot, pepper, grape, raspberry, incense, rosewood, palisander wood, jasmine, orris, vegetable amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla.
Once you realize that Olivier Durbano is about woody, smokey, fruity florals, you have to study them deeper to learn how he manages to liquify gem concepts into perfumes.
The Amethyst gem has mauve - lavender color with shinny crystals points and it is covered by a green-silvery coat.
The perfume has a beautiful fresh opening. A combination of wine - fruity notes of grape and raspberry, with a peppery note of black pepper. The pepper is strong, not used to round the accord. It has its own personality and it is very spicy, woody and dry. Softened and sweeten by a bergamot note, reminding us of a Spanish sangria. Although Amethyst is a talisman against drunkeness, you will get the happy effect you get when you drink a glass of sangria and listens to Paco de Lucia or Montoya (olé!). It is very unique and very uplifting. And shines just like the crystal! The opening is very unisex.
The perfume is very warm and relaxing. The woody notes are combined with orris, jasmine and incense,transforming the fragrance into a more misterious and darker juice. Orris is rich, dense and deep. The incense is smoky and strong. Which remind us the spirit of a winter day, getting warm near the fire, sipping a good wine. It also brings the Middle Eastern side of Olivier's life experiences. The woods are in burning flames, therefore it is not a perfume to wear during hot days. These notes of orris, woods and incense are the perfumer's interpretation of the misterious and spiritual sides of the talisman.
It has a little touch of a powdery effect, which makes the fragrance more delicate, but the overall idea is a fragrance that irradiates very strongly. Dry down takes hours and in the end you get a delicious combination of musk and vanilla, enriched by vegetable ambar and sandalwood.
It is sold as unisex, but to me it has a more feminine aura than a masculine one.
To me Amethyst is like listening to Flamenco: It warms the soul till it sets you on fire. It has a middle eastern influence and it is so beautiful that put tears on your eyes!
Click here to listen to the one of the greatest Flamenco guitar player Carlos Montoya.
I also chose a Flamenco dance that express in my opinion, the spirit of the fragrance, even thou it is French and lilac!

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