Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smiling with Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger by Prada

Orange Blossom
Inspired by a vintage flower print, the house has launched another fragrance of the Infusion collection, created by fragrance designer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan.
With notes of mandarine, neroli, jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, serenolide and powdery notes, this new Prada fragrance is so uplifting and so romantic that it makes us actually smile!
In gray times of Sao Paulo's winter days, this fragrance is neat, fresh, clean and inspiring.
It is a mix of nail polish, paper and fresh citrusy - powdery notes.
The opening is a pretty synthetic nail polish/paper smell combination, which sounds bad but in fact it is surprisingly great!
A whiff of mandarines, refreshing, slightly sweet, deep green with exotic, robust flowery neroli and jasmine bouquet.
Supposedly wearable during the summer but a must in winter.
For all ages, all times and specially when you need something to cheer up and you cannot eat chocolates because you are on a diet!
I fell in love for it on a paper strip in the duty free shop, and could not help it so later on I went to the ladies' room to wash out the fragrance I had sprayed earlier at home, to try Prada's on my skin.
My skin is rather dry so the citrus notes cannot hang for a long time, but this one did not disappoint me in this matter. The flowery touch is very creamy on my skin. A sense of a rich shower gel being spread under hot steamy waters. Soapy in a way, but not in the cheap sense of it, on the contrary, luxuriously soapy.
Smelling this fragrance I can't think of anything else but a warm vacation in Tuscany.
The joy of good food, amazing sightseeing's and hiking, wine hunting, a warm kiss of someone you love and a luxurious bath with rich powdery soap to finish the day and start a fresh neat evening with a great Chianti. Maybe that is why Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger makes me smile and uplifts the mood, it takes me to a trip to dreamland.
It is the vacation sensation bottled!!!
The orange color itself is inspiring. It brings greatness and dispels darkness.
It helps while meditating, bringing joy and optimism.
Prada's fragrance is an invitation to the sensation of well-being, freshness, romance, joy and femininity.
Para uma avaliação confiável e de qualidade da fragrância, em português, visite o blog da minha querida Gaëlle clicando aqui.


Anonymous said...

oi Simone!

eu gostaria de saber su opinião sobre o perfume Feerie Van Cleef and Arpels!!!

o frasco é lindo!!!



Delicado e feminino, esta fragrância possui notas de violetas, mandarinas, rosa, íris, vetiver e frutas vermelhas.
Cremoso e polvoroso, é um perfume do tipo pirulito que bate bate....
Beijos Simone.

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