Friday, June 19, 2009


I have been in love with fragrances since I was very little, but I was never really involved with the process of creation till I started to work as a lawyer, for a client who wanted to establish a cosmetic company in Brazil.
Helping him to find suppliers I got in touch with essential oils and I fell in love with Aromatherapy.
Reading and studying every book I could find about it and having long conversations with Jean and his daugther, the best importers of the essential oils we find in Brazil I got deeply involved with fragrances and that took me to Luca Turin.
With him and Jean Claude Ellena´s book I discovered that synthetics are not less noble than naturals and there was a huge world of new experiences out there.
I produced soaps, bath salts, room sprays, massage oils, butters, lip balms, gels and creams.
I was doing everything, from briefing to design.
And one day writing the text from the products I realized that I was enjoying more to write about them than actually making them.
I ordered Luca´s Perfume Guide and read his former blog. The word blog did not leave me alone for weeks. I was restless and sleepless because all I could think of is about a site about perfumery.
I build +Q Perfume site together with Ofir and it came out beautifully but somehow I felt that it was static. I needed a live way of communication, of passing information and sharing opinions. I wanted to be connected with my own kind. The ones who prefer not to breath than live without fragrances!!
So one year ago this is how + Q Perfume Blog was born. A blog about perfumes, perfumers and perfumery.
An space to share information about raw materials, perfume creations, the sense of smell, package design and perfume publicity and reviews, lots of reviews.
I would like the opportunity to thank so much Mr. Luca Turin, Mr. Jean Claude Ellena for being my everyday inspiration to write.
Andy Tauer (Tauer Perfums) and Eddie Roschi & Fabrice Pernot (Le Labo) for giving me the honor of interviewing them back than. They believe and gave me support for my project with kindness and respect.
I would also like to thank The Fragrance Foundation & The Sense of Smell Institute for cooperating and supporting my dreams.
And I think that Images de Parfums site has been essential to me since the beginning so I can´t thank
From the beginning I have been receiving many e-mails and comments and I could not make my dream come true without my dearest readers and followers. This blog is for you guys!!!!
To spread perfume culture and to discuss perfumery in Brazil is a challenge. Many new Brazilian blogs about perfumes are coming to join this journey and I am very happy to find out that our group is growing more and more each day.

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