Sunday, May 10, 2009


L'Erbolario is an Italian brand that offers a broad range of fragrances, combining wisely cosmetology and herbalist tradition.
The name L’Erbolario was chosen from ancient term erborare, which means to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties. The founders of the brand,Franco Bergamaschi, and his wife, Daniela Villa, biologist and cosmetologist started to produce family recipes and in 1978 they opened La Premiata Erboristeria Artigiana L’Erbolario, manufacturing natural, plant-based cosmetics which had valid and effective results.
They offer more than 400 products, and in my trip to Italy I had the opportunity to sample and buy some of them.
No need to say that back to SAO, I wished I had bought much more than I actually did!!
Elisir all'Acacia is one of the most exclusive fragrances that I found. A fragrant moisturizer for softening and perfuming the skin.
Elisir all'Acacia
Acacia, the symbol of platonic love is know for soothing cold hearts and mending broken ones.
I found this elixir delicate with a smooth touch, and a long lasting amazing fragrance.
It gives me a fresh sensation in the morning and embraces me with a silky touch before I go to sleep.
Flowery and feminine, the fragrance gives a springily sensation.
Crema Perfumata al Caprifoglio
Honeysuckle perfumed cream is a blast of a very powerful bouquet. Sweet and involving, it feels like a Diva treat. It is a sensual fragrance with an hypnotic long lasting perfume.
Orangerie is a line of products with oranges, lemons, citrons and mandarines fragrances that is pure Italian fresh style. Once you open any of these products, you travel instantly to Italy!!!
Credits of images: L'Erbolario.


Dimi3 said...

Where I can buy those in US?

+ Q Perfume said...

I will check it for you :-)

Anonymous said...

I found a website based in the US that sells L'Erbolario products at a great price. It's
I even used a 10% coupon there. The coupon code was SAVE10PERCENT
Hope that helps!

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