Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Cowboys meet Indians

Part One - The Cowboys
Lonestar Memories by Andy Tauer
Andy Tauer is a Swiss perfumer that has been around quite a lot here in my blog for one particular reason: I find him the best concept perfume designer. And Lonestar Memories is my favorite of his creations.
Andy Tauer in his lab
In his own words: "A scent created on memories of a wide land, open pastures, earthy leather, warm smoke, being there, I am free and true."
The fragrance is rich, powerful, long lasting and it marks presence. Once you wear it, there is no chance you will walk around a crowd and not be notice.
What is fascinating about the fragrance is that although you relate to the cowboy image - a man of the wild, simple, lonely, unshaved, tanned, with leather boots, worn out jeans, and dirty hands, the fragrance is very chic, very elegant.
With the green opening the cowboy starts his journey.
He lives the farm with the cattle knowing he will not see his love for months to come. He drives the cattle through the woods, riding his horse down the hill, very early in the morning. As he rides he passes his hands on the green leafs of pine trees.
Down the hill he reaches the valley, the waterfront is beautiful, the foliage gets greener, the rocks are covered with grass and flowers, we reach the heart of the fragrance.
The cowboy leads the cattle to cross the river. The cattle crosses slowly and the sun hits the face like a whip. The leather saddle gets wet. The smell of horse sweat, leather and dust combined revitalizes with fresh flows of water. Our cowboy washes his face and struggles to get to the other side. His clothes are wet, heavy and it is difficult to cross the river. It is a hard work that demands a lot of energy. The perfume explodes on the skin.
Later that day he will find a place to camp during the night. He hangs his wet clothes to dry, he lights the fire and rest. He throws aromatic herbs on the fire and the wood begins to burn.
The smell of the herbs dances around the smell of the wet leather and the smoky notes of the fire. The fragrance involves the night and the cowboy finishes his coffee. He lies near the fire, plays his harmonica and relaxes. He connects to the silence of the nature and the noises of the animals of the wild.
The cattle rests from the long journey.
Our cowboy wishes he had a warm body to hold to. He looks at the flames and he sees a naked body dancing. His body is warming up and he longs for a touch.
Andy Tauer's fragrance irradiates sexiness.
As the wood burns the fragrance stimulates flames of desire.
Our cowboy feels the hands caressing his skin. The soft touch of hands that will lead his dreams.
Lonestar Memories has a gentle velvety touch, a profuse and strong performance. It is extremely sexy, rich, intense and a genius perfume!
The olfactive description according to Andy:
Green and spicy head notes that balance the smoky woody heart: Geranium, Carrot seed, Clary sage
Smoky leathery heart notes that prepare for the fine woody base: Birchtar, Cistus, Jasmine, Cedar wood
Fine woody body notes: Myrrh, Tonka, Vetiver, Sandalwood
Lonestar Cowboy
Lonestar Memories comes in a white box with a picture of a cowboy in black & white. Although the cowboy is cute, the fragrance brings to my mind a picture of a cowboy more virile, more masculine than this one from Tauer's advertising.
Mine is the Clint Eastwood kind of cowboy.
The cowboy from the good, the bad and the ugly ( Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo). Violent, uncomplicated, powerful, simple and sexy man with a good soul.
Click here for a Clint cowboy experience.
Click here for Wild Horses - Ennio Morricone.
Click here for Johnny Cash Bonanza. (my most loved cowboy TV series).
Photo credits: Andy Tauer & + Q Perfume Blog/
Part 2 - The Indians - Chaparral by Roxana Illuminated Perfume.


Anonymous said...

Excelente a matéria (como sempre :0))!!

Mil beijos!

Anonymous said...

one of the best perfume that i ever had ...

strong macho waiting for part 2

Perfumeshrine said...

We share a cowboy ideal (Eastwood as "the silent man")and a favourite independent perfumer (isn't Andy the sweetest?)
Greatly enjoying your posts.

Parfum said...

Andy is a great guy and very generous and friendly, I corresponding with him over email lately and I can't say enough praise about him. I've talked to a few other perfumers in this industry who I won't mention - lets say they have been less than down to Earth! Andy however is fantastic, I am ashamed that I have never tried his perfumes, unfortunately they are unavailable anywhere near me :( maybe soon! your blog post has motivated me to find them as soon as possible!

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