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Elvis Presley, Palio and swinging pelvis

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Palio a fragrance by Lorenzo Siena
Credits: Lorenzo Siena
Lorenzo Siena is a very gentle man with impeccable manners and a very refined nose.
He is the creator of Palio, a masculine fragrance that reflects all these aspects of his personality. In his website he describes his fragrance as clean, simple and timeless. Also in many interviews Lorenzo explained that his inspiration comes from a visit of an Italian town in Tuscany called Siena. He was moved by its beauty and serenity. Also in this town's tradition since medieval ages, there is a race called Palio di Siena, where Palio means prize.
So while creating his fragrance, he wanted to capture the excitement of the race and the beauty and softness of Tuscany.
And indeed Palio captures excitement. While describing to him my idea of Palio, I recall mentioning to that Palio brings happiness.
Although I love Italy and all related to this country, Palio brings different images to my mind.
It is no secret that I am crazy about powdery perfumes or powdery notes in a fragrance, and Palio has a sweet and fruity touch of pineapples with a powdery combination that makes me feel happy.
From first time I tried the perfume, I fell in love for it.
Lorenzo's juice mixes this dryness and soapness of talc-like notes, with sparkling citrusy notes, fresh greens, icy aromatic notes of lavender, a thrilling touch of mint and a woody finishing that makes this fragrance very unique.
The floral bouquet of the composition is delicate with notes of muguet, star jasmine and rose.
I had no immediate relation to any image in my mind, but two days after my first Palio experience I was listening to a song on the radio while driving to work, when it finally hit me: Elvis Presley. Palio is an Elvis fragrance!
It might sound crazy because Elvis has nothing to do with the middle ages, nor romantic landscapes of Tuscany, but I made the relation right away. As Elvis sang, I had Palio on suspicious mind.
Later that day I sat down to try to understand why Elvis was the closest relation to the fragrance I could think of.
Elvis was very sexy, masculine and charming. He was so sure about his masculinity that in the conservative 50's he had no shame to shake his pelvis. And girls would scream, faint and fall in love for him; with simplicity, he was the answer for a post war era (second world war and Korea). He brought rock and happiness to the dance floor. So I found this happiness in Palio.
Elvis became an icon of his time and till today we love him. Till today we fall in love for those incredible blue eyes, delicious voice and contagious happiness . Elvis is timeless, so was Lorenzo's idea of his fragrance.
I think the fruity note of pineapples brought me straight to Elvis, because like all Elvis fans, I know that he loved Hawaii. He fell in love with the beauty of the islands, the landscapes, the hospitality of the Hawaiian people and surf. And not only did he made three movies in Hawaii (Blue Hawaii, Girls Girls Girls and Paradise, Hawaiian Style) but he also made live performances in the country (the one most well known being the show on January 14, 1973 telecasted world-wide as "Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii"). I can't think of another fruit rather than pineapples to relate to Hawaii.

In all per say, Hawaiian Elvis' movies, he was young, seductive, surrounded by beautiful women, always wearing tight pants that made female crowds go wild.
Romance, long kisses on the seashore, flowery shirts, ukuleles and constant misunderstandings (common to comedies at that time) were trade marks.
So this is Palio perfume. A pinch of romance, a pinch of seduction, a fresh opening, a timeless sense of naive happiness.
Click here for my choice for a Palio audio experience.
Yes, I challenge you not shake the pelvis!!
I challenge you to wear Palio and NOT feel happy!
Click here for Elvis in Hawaii trivia.
From Perfumer:
Simone: "Thank you for you excellent review regarding my cologne, "Palio." Your instincts and description are quite insightful. I hope your readers enjoy it also. Thank you again and best wishes.. L.Siena/Pres. Lorezno Siena Fragrances

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Cláudia said...

Muito interessante a informação sobre este perfume Palio de Lourenzo. Gostei de saber que a fragância tem fundo de abacaxi, pois é uma das fragâncias que mais gosto e pouco conhecida aqui no Brasil. Sou fã também da fragância Abacaxi e Lima da Jequiti.


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