Monday, February 8, 2016


Veronica Lake

PLASIR D'AMOUR EDP by Technique Indiscrete (Belgian niche perfume brand) offers to reveal the Belle de Jour in you.
With a chypre composition classic style you will plunge into bergamot, rose, jasmine, patchouli and a chypre accent. Kumquat, flour d'oranges, blue Lily of the valley, vetiver and muscs will play along to give you a complete diva experience. 
You will find seduction hidden in a room. You will find pleasure hidden in a secret love affair. You will find kinkiness hidden in desires and fetishes.

Catherine Deneuve 

But just like Severine (the character played by Catherine Deneuve in Carlos Bunuel's Belle du Jour) there is also a lady-like aura to the fragrance. It is really up to you to decide if you are the wife, or the hooker!

Catherine Deneuve YSL

I decided to wear this fragrance dressed very chic and far from sensual. I think wearing it with a red lipstick or a leather jacket is simply too obvious. It goes well. The challenge is to bring a very elegant persona to the fragrance because it is just as Louison, perfumer and owner of the brand describes:

"She appears to be away to her naughty side that only a few get to discover..."

Jackie O

Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey H., Tippy Hedren...they all could be wearing Plasir D'Amour because somehow it contains the chic aura of the 60's. Truth is that PLASIR D'AMOUR EDP is a fragrance containing 100% of the iconic beauty of British model Jean Shrimpton! Classic, stylish...but a blast with her long lean legs and miniskirts!

Jean Shrimpton

Dedicated to J.S.

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