Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What can I say about Shelley Waddington? She is a great perfumer. 
But I've already said that. 
That she creates masterpieces...I've already said that too. 
I love her fragrances! 
Are you going to keep repeating that? 
YES, till she stops creating them I probably will.

So what's new with Shelley Waddington? 
She created a perfume inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald. 
Well, that is not news; Zelda EDP was launched in 2013. 
This is another one!

Fiore di Bellagio EDP is the newest fragrance created by Shelley Waddington that seems to be in a retro journey these days. With Zelda she took us back to the roaring 20's. With Chocolate Trio to the court of Marie Antoinette & Josephine and Paris and London of the turn of the century. 

Needless to say she is very good at that. Pêche Noir EDP, a creation from this perfumer launched in 2010 takes me to the French Bohemian Era with dark smokey cafés and jazzy rendezvous like any other perfume. One thing is inspiration; another is time travel. Shelley Waddington perfumes are sometimes travel machines that will take you to an incredible journey somewhere in the past.

Fiore di Bellagio EDP will continue the journey to the Roaring 20's that started with Zelda EDP. This time she will bring you a luxurious and exuberant fragrance represented by an ARTDECO perfume. True that I have seen one before made by Vero Kern called Rubj EDP, but Fiore di Bellagio EDP brought something that IMO is hard to find: 


photo credit; En Voyage Perfumes

Notes of FdB provided by En Voyage Perfumes are: top - Italian lemon and Citrus, green leaves and ylang ylang; middle - spicy carnation, gardenia and jasmine absolutes, Bulgarian Rose otto, muguet, violet, Bois de rose; base - dark vanilla, antique sandalwood, iris Fiorentine (orris absolute), costos oil, vintage resins, civet and musks.

Said to be inspired by Caron's Bellodgia (launched in 1927) and combining a high percentage of pure extraits, Shelley offers Ylang Ylang combined with spicy carnations, gardenias, jasmines, violets, roses and orris, bringing exuberance to a majestic status. 
Its warmth is presented with a strong fresh-green citrusy providing a vivid contrast with the curvilineal art deco bouquet that will follow. The opulent bouquet is somehow exotic-tropical and retro granny. Fantastic! There is also a vintage violet-iris-muguet combination that is powdery and pretty. As the middle notes develop you will perceive an extremely positive joyful alluring vibration. As flap dancer on your skin.

Drydown is mellow and sweet with resins and a sensual touch of musk and civet.

A versatile fragrance that despite its opulence is suitable for all seasons. I know what you are thinking... too bold for summer...well, Ylang tree comes from exotic lands with wet hot weather so... you will really enjoy its beauty wearing it on a hot day! 

Fiore di Bellagio EDP is part of The Masterpiece Collectio found at EN VOYAGE PERFUMES website. Sold for USD75 - 0.6oz/EDP concentration or USD95 - 0.25oz/Parfum Extrait concentration.

OBS: There are two other interesting perfumes with spicy ylang combination that I enjoy: Lys Carmin EDP by Van Cleef that brings to us a clove-ylang-lillies experience and Lys Fume EDP by Tom Ford, combining ylang, lillies and nutmeg

* Video provided by aaron1912 - youtube.

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