Friday, June 21, 2013

Oliver & Co

This blog was on a pause for such a long time for one very simple reason: lack of inspiration. I could give many excuses like being very busy at work and with my projects, with my family, my company...but the truth is, they were always there, and I have always succeed to juggle with my time. 
Having a writer's block is a complete nightmare. You feel no joy in writing anymore. You feel obliged to feed your blog not to disappoint readers, as if it became an obligation, not a passion anymore. You feel that you are simply out of words. Blocked!
Perfumes are about inspiration, about emotions, and if you are not inspired, you don't have what to write about. Since I never had sponsors, or make any money out of this blog, I began to wonder if I really HAD to write anything, at all.
I went on a journey of reading past articles to try to relight that first sparkle. I opened my boxes of samples looking for a hidden treasure...I found some, but not enough to whiff me out of my block. I was really giving in when last week I opened my mail and found this amazing surprise coming from Spain: A DISCOVER SET (collection of fragrances) of the  ILLUSTRATED SERIES by OLIVER & CO.

Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog

OLIVER & CO is a niche brand based in Madrid - Spain handcrafting fragrances and candles that are developed by self-taught perfumer OLIVER VALVERDE RISQUEZ, a young Andalusian who uses the process of abstraction to create his fragrances. As he explains so well in his also amazing website, the process is impulsive, where already-know formulas and preconceived notions are rejected. He relies only in his intuition and the high quality of carefully selected raw materials. The perfumes are passionate, intuitive and hip, where you won't find olfactive pyramids or a list of olfactive notes. They are indeed surprisingly radical and as I told him with smile on my face, they moved me. His passion brought my passion to perfume writing back. 

Photo Credit: Oliver & CO

I decided to dedicate the next posts to this amazing brand as a way of thanking Oliver for bringing the passion back to my heart, as well as thanking my readers for being patient and worried about me!
I will start with VETIVERUS EDP



sherapop said...

Great to see you writing again, Simone!

Thanks for this post, and we look forward to more! xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back dear Simone :-*


Thank you lovely friends. It is good to be back! :-)

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