Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to Track!

Dearest friends & readers,

It has been a month now since I published my last article. I know, I know... some might thought (and some might have wished) I quit blogging. But the fact is that this blog is a one woman show, and when life off blog gets complicated, I need to prioritize. But finally I can breath slower, and bring a fresh whiff of life into this blog. I decided to start a new project that will be called RANDOM PERFUME PICKS. I will literally dive into my boxes of samples and pick them randomly to review. To me it will be a bit of a challenge, because over the past years I have been only reviewing fragrances that I liked (I never believed in negativity). In this project, whatever will come to my hand, for better or worse, will get a review. I won't do long reviews thou...I will try to make it simple. So let's the fun begin today!

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