Monday, May 2, 2011

Manhood, masculinity and scents - PART TWO

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Although some women do appreciate a good whisky (for me straight, no rocks), it is fair to say that it is mostly ordered by men. Women tend to order cocktails, wines, champagne, etc..."girlie stuff".
The smell of whisky is a mixture of molasses, grains (such as barley, rye, wheat) and oak wood. But since every distillery has its own recipe, whisky can vary according to the brand. Also the barrels can be made of other woods, such as cherry...than you can have a fruit accent to the whisky. But I am just a basic connoisseur I won't give a lecture here. The thing is, whisky is such a masculine kind of thing. Classy while sipping, disgusting coming from the mouth of a drunk guy being totally inappropriate! And it is also a winter kind of smell. I just love the combination of the aroma of a good whisky and the smell of wood burning inside the fireplace  (not politically right, I know...), but still, it does smell wonderful! By the way - burning wood does have something to do with lumberjacks...doesn't it?

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It is sexy, it is a turn have a special natural smell that can make women go up the walls. How men smell depends on their genes, what they eat and how frequently they bathe. Since women tend to care more about body odors, the smell of armpit is mostly related to men. Besides, according to scientists women's perception of BO is much intense than men's. Awareness is related to mating - and seems that we get to choose the best males to mate ;-). The fragrance blogger Annelie Högild, a married woman and mother of 2 boys men told me that men tend to smell different than teenagers. She said that the boys exhale a "puppy" kind of smell. I also read somewhere than men's BO are more cumin-scented and women tend to smell more like onions (ugh!).

Also in the same category, sweaty t-shirts and dirty sweaty socks are more likely to be related to men than to the feminine world. I know guys! You are all very clean and very perfumed...but every boy had his "no bath for me - stinky phase", which I doubt you know any girl who did!

"In 1996, Claus Wedekind, a zoologist at Bern University in Switzerland, conducted what's become known as the stinky T-shirt study. Wedekind had 44 men each wear a t-shirt for two nights straight, then tested how women reacted to the smelly shirts. Like mice, women preferred the scent of men whose immune systems were unlike their own. If a man's immune system was similar, a woman tended to describe his T-shirt as smelling like her father or brother." by Robert Ray Britt for Live Science.

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The smell of piss is 100% masculine for one simple reason, we sit and they stand, frequently missing the target! According to Robert, female mice have an olfactive memory for the odor of the piss of their mate. WOW!

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On the other hand, deodorant is also a "men thing". Have you notice that men have the bad habit of spraying deodorant all over themselves? Women don't do that! So, the very strong smell of cheap fragrance buffered by layers of clothes is just 100% masculine! Not to mention AXE deodorant...It takes me back to high was a must then...OMG!



Liam Moore said...

Ah I think there's something nice about whiskey too. I wouldn't be a big drinker of the stuff, but a hot one, with clove and lemon, always reminds me (funnily enough) of my mum!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Me too...I am allergic to drinking alcohol, therefore i just take small sips now and than... It reminds me of my dad, who collects them and drinks fridays, during the winter. It has such a rich smokey-sweet smell. I love it! said...

Yesterday I enjoyed part one. Today part two and probably tomorrow part three. You don´t make
any difference between scotch and bourbon, what about beer.
Luis Villa

Sara said...

I just found your website, a lot I didn't know about scents, I have always liked the smell of whiskey although I prefer rum as a drink.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dear Luis, I thought about beer, but than I remembered that we, the girls, also sit to drink a couple of beers with the guys. Specially when it is summer time! :-)
I think you are absolutely right! Bourbon is even more masculine than whisky!!!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dear Sara, I also love whisky aroma. I like the smell better than the taste. Rum is also very interesting and a beautiful note when added to perfumes.

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