Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grooming – A timeless tradition - Part Two

To Michael M. who does not need any of my tips on shaving!!!

+ Q Perfume Blog chose one very cool BAR & BARBERSHOP just for you!

The Blind Barber - NYC

Combining the classic barbershop style with our contemporary urban vibe, it looks very plain from the inside and pole spinning outside (like the old days), but once you are in you will understand what barbershops have to offer. The blindness is just in the name. All barbers hired have at least 10 years of experience and they are trained to give 2 services: haircut and shave (including the Hangover Remedy Service - a reinvigorating 04 towels process - 3 hot ones and one cold). You will find a vintage bar and an antique lounge with amazing beautiful furniture where you can sit and sip the amazing cocktails. Clinging of scissors, ice cubes dancing inside the get to party and leaves with a perfect haircut. Worried about mixing alcohol and cutting objects? Only clients are allowed to drink, so the question is? Can you stay still after a few tequila shots?
One more curiosity - besides the classic barbershop experience you will also find an antique medicine cabinet and surgical trays (as barbers performed were once surgeon-babers) and the grandpa's den - a plethora of antique settees.
But you don't have to travel all the way to NYC to have a great grooming experience. I am sure you will find a nice local barber to have a perfect haircut. besides the hair, you can have a great grooming experience at home. So, in order to create the original experience, commit to what you are about to do. Find some quality time for yourself and fully enjoy your grooming experience. Separate and organize all the products and shaving utensils you need, including the robe, the slippers, the towels and the music for background. Cell phone is not allowed during this ritual!

Here I give you some ideas where to buy the best grooming products:

Creed - UK & Ireland - since 1760 providing excellency and elegance! - click HERE for the website an on line shop. They have exclusive fragrances for men, body lotions, soaps, etc... Cary Grant was a fan. And you know he is till today an icon of masculine elegance! 

D.R. Harris & Co. - London - in St James street for more than 200 years now - click HERE for their website and shop on line. They have a great pre shaving lotion with citrusy notes and fern.

Czech & Speake - London - in Jermyn Street - click HERE for the website and on line shop. They have a great selection of fragrances, robes, shaving products, candles...a must!

Gentlemen's Tonic - London - mayfair/Selfridges & Co - click HERE for their website and on line shop. You can also set an appointment for treatment! They have special products, such as the daily foaming cleanser with babassu Oil, Quillaja, Bergamot oil and water chestnut. Their daily shampoo with ginger, nutmeg, bergamot and babassu is very delicate.

Molton Brown - London/International - click HERE for their website and shop on line.They have an exclusive shower gel with black pepper. Winner of Men's Health Grooming Awards in 2010. It has a rich foaming lather with a scent that spreads in the entire bathroom. Pure luxe!

Edwin Jager - London - impeccable since 1988  - click HERE for their website and on line shop - They have beautiful traditional elegant safe razors and amazing gift sets.

Acca Kappa - In Italy since 1869 - click HERE for their website. They have amazing brushes and combs.

Baxter of California - USA - luxurious grooming since 1965 - click HERE for their website and on line shop. They have a beautiful hand made razor with a beautiful leather cordovan. Really impressing!

Crown Shaving Co. - Canada - click HERE for their website and shop on line. They have a smooth, silky, rich shaving cream.

Here you will also find 05 Tips to the perfect shave, that I looked up for you in the best grooming & styling and barbershop's website:

1.Never shave when you are in a rush. perfect shave needs time to be completed. Irritated skin or small cuts hurt and they are not appealing!

2.Shave after the shower and not in the shower, using warm water instead of hot water. Hot water dries the skin!

3.Start with a clean moisturized face. Spread the shaving soap or balm evenly, working up a thick, opaque layer of lather as you skim the brush back and forth across your face, and neck in and up-down motion.

4.Hold the razor firmly to the skin. Never drag your razor or hold your skin back.

5.Wait till your pores close naturally, washing your face with cold water to help the pores to close faster, than apply the aftershave, and you are ready to go!

Now, since I have already worked in a Spa I strongly recommend that you do the hot/cold  towel process - but make sure you have prepared the skin with a moisturizer! Finish your grooming with what we love the most: a great fragrance.

A tip for all guys - women love men who takes care of himself, who looks and smells clean - but don't over do it. We don't like our men to compete with us!

(photo credits: All Brands mentioned)


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