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Pretty in Paris/Moulin Rouge 1889 EDP by Histoires de Parfums

photo credit: Bella Pillar
1889 Moulin Rouge EDP by Histoires de Parfums - review
Launch: 2010
Perfumer: Gerald Ghislain
Olfactive family: floral-powdery iris
Olfactive notes: Mandarine, cinnamon, prune, absinth, rose, iris, patchouli, musk, fur note.
Olfactive notes by + Q Perfume: Mandarine, lipstick wax, strawberry syrup, cinnamon, prune, absinth, rose, iris, patchouli, musk, fur note.
Description by the Brand:"1889" celebrates MOULIN ROUGE, the Parisian legendary cabaret, a smell of feathers and sequins, sensual and vibrant, a trace elegant and powdered as a boisterous ode to feminity.
Sillage: Great
Fixation: Good
Rating:❤❤❤❤❤ Where:
❤❤❤❤❤ - Dancing in sweet clouds!
❤❤❤❤ - Better than sweets.
❤❤❤ - One more dance.
❤❤ - I rather suck a lollipop!
❤ - Life saver pleeease!!
Histoires de Parfums is a Frech niche brand created by French restauranteur-perfumer-epicurean-producer Gérard Ghislain. His collection of fragrances offers more than just perfumes, they tell stories. And 1889 Moulin Rouge EDP is a historical perfume and a celebration of the famous French Can Can Ball House - The Moulin Rouge, founded in 1889 and illustrated beautifully by famous French painter Toulouse Lautrec.
Although Toulouse Lautrec and the musical movie Moulin Rouge (performed by Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mc Gregor) and can can performances are mentioned by other reviews, to + Q Perfume Blog this is so obvious as saying water is wet!
1889 Moulin Rouge EDP by Histoires de Parfums is a pretty-in-Paris perfume. It is very Parisian and very pretty. It goes absolutely wonderfully with high heels, scarfs, berets, poodles, blasé looks and pink and red sweets and pastries.
Slightly naive, slightly teen, kinky, voluptuous, sugary and very very powdery. So powdery that furry-fluffy is the new concept I created to it. It gives you the sensation of holding a furry cat close to the face.
It starts with a delicious citrusy whiff of mandarines and an acid note of prune. A combination of scents that turns out to smell like lipstick. A waxy cosmetic smell of lipstick, which I have encountered only a few times in my life in perfumes. One that I recall right now is Amanda Lepore's fragrance, Amanda. But that one is a drag-lipstick bombastic perfume. 1889 is more balance, more feminine, less Lachapelle (if you know what I mean!).
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But still, a pink & red waxy creamy deliciously naughty lipstick! The kind of lipstick that make your lips shine and be wanted. Lips to be kissed. 1889 Moulin Rouge EDP is a red & pink - furry & furry perfume that makes you want to French Kiss (LOL!)!
The perfume has a syrupy touch of strawberry-cherry lollipops - the ones that terrorize mothers and dentists, usually given by hairdressers when you take your child to have a haircut - but THAT does not bring a notion of fragrance for children, the perfume does not bring any relation to children, but something extremely naughty and gay. Vibrant and cheerful. Very Paris-chic. I hate those perfumes with candy touch that smell cheap. This is NOT the case at all. It was designed in a very creative way to bring a certain aura to a perfume. The aura of cabarets and night life of gay Paris. (Gay as in fun, happy).
The rose and the iris bring the powdery touch of face powder and make up. A back stage note as mentioned by the brand. (Something like after the show at the boudoir...).
But you can profit from the delicious rose in solo. It does come out from the rest in a vivid and cheerful way, as if it was touched by a drop of orange oil. As the perfume develops I enjoy the ideas I associate to it. At some point it made me remember of a delicious animated musical for children called Gay Purr-ee, about a naive cat Mewsette, that lives the country side of Provence, and goes to Paris seeking for a glamorous life. She falls in the hands of villain Meworice, but is rescued by her two friends from the farm - Robespierre and Jaune Tom. The absinthe note gives the bohemian touch of the cabarets, and patchouli and musk gives the furry meow softness.
This motion was produced in the 60's and it brings a bit of everything nice of France - the French cuisine, the art of many famous painters, the sightseeing at night, the French bohemian culture...
So 1889 Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums is a French perfume that suits every age and every style. Creative, chaming and super Mewsette - furry-fluffy, flerty, feminine, super naive, trés lipstick, trés chic and puurr -ée. Meaow!
Sample provided by the brand's PR services.

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