Monday, September 14, 2009

Cartier Collection

Some moments can change our lives forever. Some can last a few seconds, some will last longer. But the fact is, once they happened, you will never be the same anymore.
To me it was the birth of my child. The second he was welcomed to the world, it was the moment my life has changed completely. Right there, becoming a parent, I really understood what unconditional love meant.
And even thou I can name a list of moments that changed my life completely, I could not compare any of them to the birth of my son.
And this is what Cartier's new fragrances are all about.
The brand will launch next month a new collection of 5 fragrances called Les Heures de Parfums.
Mathilde Laurent, the in house perfumer of Cartier was inspired by states of mind or moments in time that influence our lives. Laurent also gave a word in the way the collection looked: tall flacons, minimalist structures (enlarged versions of the glass bottles she uses in the lab), featuring elongated black roman numerals like the iconic symbols on Cartier’s famed timepieces.

I or L’Heure Promise: representing a moment of possibility, said Laurent, who aimed to capture the “delicate and diaphanous scent of an angel.” A fragrance with notes of petitgrain, fresh herbs, iris, sandalwood and musk. The first 100 pieces of I sold in Cartier boutiques will feature an engraved serial number, commemorating Cartier’s 100th anniversary in America.

IV or L’Heure Brilliante: was inspired by high-energy nightlife and neon effervescence, Laurent said, with notes of lemon, flaxseed, gin notes and aldehydes.

X or L’Heure Folle: Laurent took a cue from Cartier’s Tutti Frutti jewelry collection, which features pieces with a multi-hued cacophony of stones originally commissioned by the Indian maharajahs in 1925. With notes of redcurrant, pink peppercorn, grenadine, blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, violet, leafy notes, ivy, boxwood, shiso, aldehydes and polygonum.

XII or L’Heure Mystérieuse: blended jasmine, patchouli, elemi gum, coriander, incense, frankincense and juniper. The fragrance is suggestive of an oriental, Laurent said, though she sought to avoid classifications.

XIII or La Treizième Heure: Laurent favorite scent— she tried to reproduce the smell of smoke. She describes as “olfactive trickery, like a crime with premeditation”. With notes of leather notes, maté, birch, narcissus, bergamot, patchouli and vanilla. La Treizième Heure also references the address of Cartier’s historic flagship in Paris at 13 Rue de la Paix.

The remaining eight Les Heures fragrances will be created and launched gradually over the next five years.

If you have an special moment to share, I would love to hear!!!

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Photo credits: Cartier, D&G Brands


Tara C said...

They sound lovely, especially 7 and 8. I hope they are available somewhere in California so I can smell.

Shana tova and g'mar chatima tova!

+ Q Perfume said...

Me too!!! They are both interesting!
They will launch at sacks - 5th avenue. in october.
glad to see you here!!!
love, Simone

Shana tova to you too dearest!!!
May your name be written in bold letters in the book of life!!!

Tara C said...

Thanks for that hot tip! Wishing you in advance a tzom kal and your name too in bold letters in the book of life. :-)

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